The top 3 things to look for when running a paid social media campaign

When running a paid social media campaign three major things to look for to ensure value for the dollars you spend and are reaching the right audience is:

  1. Taking the right approach to media marketing depends on your product or service. If you aim your campaign for a certain group of people or people living in a specific location such as paid social media, Gold Coast then this is aimed at people who live in the Gold Coast. There is little point in finding traffic in Hobart, Perth or another country, you are paying for engagement (every time someone sees your add) so this can become expensive.

If your service or product is not area specific, then adopt a strategy that grows as your business grows with social media becoming more important in the right marketing areas to be effective.

An advertising campaign on Facebook is usually seen by people in browse mode, they will often take longer to decide to buy. These Facebook campaigns are often most effective if focused on first giving your site visitors an emotionally creative experience and introducing a low keyed sales pitch or sales funnel. Videos are especially effective for creating visitor interest and promoting your product or service, allowing you to bring traffic to your site so you can engage your visitors and learn more about them. It also allows you to monitor their positive responses and further cater for their needs.

Seeing your ad several times helps with recognition and eventual response, but overexposure will cause views to drop off as people will stop noticing it.

It is important to decide on the result that you want to achieve when running a social media campaign.

  1. Build the best possible ads with catchy headlines and great graphics or images and try different variations as different audiences can react differently.

The amount of text in images should be kept to a minimum as this can drive up your costs.

Use emoticons and have a call to action tastefully located on all pages. Hashtags are good, but use them carefully as they tend to make navigating your site harder and therefore lower your visitor enjoyment and conversion rates.

Social media is mostly about popularity and engagement so reuse your old posts and adds to preserve your previous engagements.

Always remember that quality content is paramount to success.

All major social networks have a range of advertising options for you to choose from, but they may not all be the right fit for you so look for networks that are compatible and suitable for your product.

  • LinkedIn ads are best for business to business marketing
  • Facebook for Audience consideration
  • Pinterest ads help to build a brand awareness, create audience engagement and bring traffic to your site
  • YouTube ads help to grow your subscriber base, attract new viewers; build your branding and drive new traffic.
  • Instagram is becoming important for promoting to the middle-aged and older set

When starting out in a new social media site start small and remember that what works in one social media network may not work in another

  1. The final important aspect of internet marketing on any site, but especially on social media is the speed of your site response. The majority of people using social media are now using handheld devices such as smart phones or tablets. Studies have shown the majority of people will not wait more than a few seconds for a response and 4 a second delay can cost you a substantial amount of visitors.
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