The Soul of seo-authority, Build and Connect

Do you know that organic search results and seo-authority are responsible for generating more than 60% traffic for websites? Optimise your website if you want a steady stream of visitors and want it to rank high in search engines. Hire a SEO expert who can help you to understand the insights of SEO and can deliver excellent results for your SEO Gold Coast campaign.

Google keeps updating Panda and Penguin on regular basis. These updates help Google to improve search results by determining a good web page and understanding the content on pages.

One of the best ways to create a high search ranking website is by implementing the ABCs (Authority, Build and Connect) of SEO.

  • Authority

Authority can be defined as a measure taken by search engine to determine the value of your website and its content. Authority plays a major role in search rankings because almost all the search engines assume that the best answers to search queries are provided by authority websites.

By becoming a trusted expert and resource for consumers, your website can gain authority online. Your experience, expertise in producing high quality content and links to your content contribute greatly in increasing your online authority. Consistently sharing great ideas with relevant, engaging, valuable and meaningful content reflect your expertise. You can optimise your website by including content that ranks high in image, blog, video, local, product, news and mobile searches.

  • Build

Apart from considering the content of your website, search engines also take into account how your site and pages are built. In search engine rankings technical optimisation is an important factor for your website. Websites rank higher which have a straightforward linking structure, clear architecture, mobile-friendly, Meta tags and load at a faster rate.

Ensure that your website code is not bloated and is squeaky clean because pages with a higher content-to-code ratio that load quickly are rewarded by all the search engines. By using JavaScript and CSS outside of the page, you can minimise inline HTML coding as this helps in keeping each page as slim as possible.

  • Connect

Another important factor in website ranking is that how well your website is linked to other websites on the internet. Your site’s authority will increase if it has quality back links from other websites having good authority. Higher search rankings often correlate with links from social media sites, but to a lesser degree.

Ensure that your readers’ find it easy to share your content and this can be achieved by providing social media buttons on every page, post, email and press release.

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