Well, no I do not really think I am the smartest man in Australia; I will leave that honor up to another. My name is Chris Bindley and I am an expert on SEO and web design.

As an experiment and to show what is possible with the internet and SEO, I placed this web page on the net on 19th May 2018. Fast forward to today and if you google ‘the smartest man in australia’ my company name from Straight Up Digital is still sitting in the top spot for this post 😉

So does this make me the smartest man in Australia? Well, yes, this question is up for debate and if I put it to the vote, well who knows, but the point of this web page is not to prove I am the smartest man in Australia, but to show that your message, whatever that may be, can be successfully shared to or with anyone who is interested in the subject matter of your content. In this case who is the smartest man in Australia?

You can virtually write about any subject you know a little about whether is factual or fictional, as long as you use high-quality content and ensure that it is grammatically correct and original, you will find it is acceptable to the search engines. If you are careful about choosing the right title tags and keywords and then build as many high-quality backlinks to your content as possible, the new web page you have created will rank high on the different search engines. This means when someone puts any of your chosen keywords into their browser they will find your content.

Of course, anyone who tells you they can consistently put you right on the top of the page is just showing they do not really understand what SEO is all about. The internet and search engine optimisation, is, by nature organic, they are intertwined and inseparable, a very complicated series of intricate programs using computer generated logarithms, meaning that they are not controllable, nor can they give results that are 100% guaranteed.

You can become very successful with mastering your website, if you take the time to learn and follow the rules laid out by Google in their free programs that are designed to help you master the different aspects of creating discoverable content and running a successful promotion campaign Some of the free programs are “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”, “The Google Adwords Keyword Planner and for all things SEO”, “The Google Search Console” and apps like Google Analytics will help you get good ratings with the search engine and help to give you optimum internet visibility.

The old story that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys is true also for everything you do on the internet. You can save a few dollars and do it yourself if you have the time. Maybe get the computer whiz-kid down the road to help get things going, but if you really want your site and business to blossom get the help from a SEO internet expert.

And then, just maybe, you can consider yourself one of the smartest men in Australia