The Escalation Of Smartphone Users

One of the biggest misconceptions about Smartphone is that people assume it’s all right if mobile devices offer just a part of the content available on the desktop version of the website. Some experts state that users only require quick and focused resources on their Smartphone, since the desktop will always be the popular option for more detailed and in-depth research.

But, what about users who don’t prefer to use desktops? What about users who give preference to mobile devices over desktops? Users searching for similar information and just prefer a different type of device, so the Smartphone users are your preferred clients also.

  • Attracting the Smartphone users

The rise of Smartphone ensured that a large number of people are surfing through their mobile devices. Various researches have shown that more than 70% of Australians used different types of mobile devices to surf the internet in 2015. Majority of these users mentioned that Smartphone are the main way they access the websites. It is a substantial and escalating number of users whose needs aren’t staying fulfilled by regular desktop experiences.

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Increase in number of mobile users

Some of these customers could possibly have use of a common Computer as well as a broadband link at home, school or office, but usually these are shared gadgets or simply not private. For a personalized and always online experience, these users decide to count on their phones.

For those who’re attempting to attain targeted audiences, don’t ignore mobile-only consumers. A Small report:

54 % of Australian teenagers who own Smartphone say that they access the online world mostly on their mobile phones. In the same way, 40 % of people aged 19 to 29 reported that they largely go online using a Smartphone.

51% of working class people in Australia who use a mobile product to access the net say that’s the main way they do browsing. This is quite a large percentage compared to working class people who use desktops to access the internet.

People whose income is fewer than AUD 30,000 a year and individuals with no university education will also be far more likely to rely on their Smartphone to surf net. Almost 42% of individuals in these groups say they primarily use their mobile device to go online. Healthcare, NGOs, government institutions and businesses that want to target these groups of consumers should keep in mind that their target audience rely majorly on Smartphone.

percentage of smartphone user accessing internet

But Smartphone users aren’t only limited to these demographics. Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and Wikipedia, all see about 40% of their website traffic from mobile users.

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