Is SEO Dead?

Some people claim that SEO is dead because of the constant search engine changes by Google which make it more difficult to rise to the top of the search engines. While the SEO game has changed significantly over the past few years, it is by all means still alive. There are just a few things that companies must focus on when attempting to improve their search engine rankings.

Content Is Paramount

In years past it was easy to rise to the top of the search engines by posting bogus content, rich with keywords. Search engines crawled this content and quickly bumped sites to the top without any regard for whether the content was authentic and informative. The big search engines have spent huge sums of money to change the way that the search engine algorithms respond to content. Now if you overuse keywords and post spammy content, your website will almost certainly be penalised by the search engines. This is why one of the most important SEO strategies is to post relevant content and post it often. It is fine to use keywords, but use them sparingly. A good rule of thumb is to use pertinent keywords once every 100 words. This way your content will flow much more naturally and will be welcomed by all of the search engines. If you write informative content, you do not have to worry about the latest Google updates, because you know that your content will continue to be looked upon favorably by all of the major search engines.

Social Signals Are Very Important

Although a link from a Social network isn’t neccessarily considered to be directly counted as a backlink and therefore valuable for SEO, it is still valuable indirectly as it counts towards the social signal of your site and this is part of the ranking algorithm from the Search Engines.

What’s the best way?

The single best way to use SEO to rank in the Search Engines is to write valuable content written for the user, post it on your site then link to it from a variety of Social Media avenues. This will get your site and it’s new post found quickly and also will aid your rankings. Using Social Media will have the added value of driving real people to your site, as long as your content is interesting enough to hold their attention.

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