Do you have a responsive website?

Do you have a responsive website? What do we mean by this?

Does your site automatically adjust for iPAD/iPHONE/Samsung Galaxy etc? What does it look like on a large screen versus your laptop screen?

Why is this important?

Recent statistical data from Google suggest that up to 40% of searches are now done ON a mobile device, usually as a result of a click through from social media like Facebook and viewed directly on the device without even looking at a desktop of laptop. What does your site look like on a mobile?

If your site does look pretty ordinary, don’t panic. We can help.

From $299, Straight Up Marketing can take your site and make it responsive so that it is more functional on a mobile or iPad. The cost just depends on how much back end work is involved but don’t worry, we will definitely tell you up front.

Not sure if your site is responsive yet? Let us know and we will check for you. Just fill out the form to your right or give us a call on 1300 302 633 today.

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