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So you have a nice, corporate looking website but is it responsive web design too. It looks really nice on a desktop except one thing, on an iPad not so much. Not to mention what it looks like on an iPhone.

It’s not so bad right? I mean, how many people REALLY use their mobile to browse the internet?

It may shock you to know that more people use a mobile now than they do a desktop with over 50% of traffic being generated from mobile traffic. Got your attention now for responsive Web Design?


Responsive Web Design ensures that your website is compatible or, responsive to the browser it is displayed on, or put more simply. your website knows to make your website display a certain way for a normal desktop computer, another way for for an iPad/other tablet and yet another way for a mobile device like an iPhone or Android.

In 2014, this should come as a standard, not as an add on!. If your website isn’t responsive then like the example above, you could be missing out maximising your conversions with up to 45% of your visitors because they can’t see your site properly on their phone or even worse, it doesn’t actually work.

So what does a responsive website look like? Take a look below:

Laptop View

 responsive Web Design laptop view

iPAD View

responsive Web Design iPad view

iPhone View

responsive Web Design iPhone

The key to this design is that it does not matter what device it is, the website is smart enough to know and automatically resizes for the device. This this is something that could improve your Customer experience on your site? Want to know more?

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