Photoshop Tips for Beginners (Part I)

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing application that is used widely by professional and non-professional web Designers all over the Gold Coast, Australia. For beginners, it is important that first they should under the working of Photoshop in order to fully utilise the tools offered. Following article has a few tips that can prove to be helpful for your web design campaigns.

Photoshop is excellent software that doesn’t need any introduction. It helps to express your creativity with a variety of useful tools. It is the best choice for a web design campaign in which images are needed to be edited before posting on a website. Whether it is Sydney or the Gold Coast, Photoshop is the most preferred choice in web design campaigns. If you have just started your career in web designing or you don’t have much idea about Photoshop, read on.

Following are a few tips that can help you to do editing more efficiently:

  • Transform If you wish to modify the size of a picture, flip rotate, or distort it, all you’re supposed to do is to select edit and click Transform to choose the action you desire. To make your work a lot easier, a shortcut is available. Press Ctrl + T on the keyboard and a bounding box will come around the picture which indicates transformation. It means now that the picture can be resized by placing the cursor on one of the rectangle shaped corners, then hold the Shift key and drag the corner. Just press Enter when you’re finished. If you want to flip the picture horizontally or vertically then press Ctrl + T and right click the mouse. A popup will appear offering options to flip and rotate the picture.
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool This tool helps in tracing and outlining a specific part of a picture, then detach it from the remaining picture to perform various actions. For example, with the help of this tool you can choose and separate a product from a background. This tool can easily detect the edges of an object, therefore it will work effectively when there’s a bold contrast between an object and the background with properly defined edges.
  • Change the Unit of Measurement   An easy and fast way to change the units of measurements is by placing the cursor on any one ruler and press right click on the mouse. Then, you can select a new unit from the context menu. You will find a plethora of units such as millimetres, centimetres, points, pixels and even percents.
  • Magic Wand Tool While working with a background which is quite consistent and monotone, then Magic Wand is an ideal selection tool. This is an ideal tool for you, if you already have a well defined colour wish to choose for a picture. For example, it’s an excellent choice when you wish to choose a clear blue sky or a white background.
  • Dodge Tool This tool helps to lighten the pixels where it is used and an excellent solution for red “tired eyes”. Set the tool on a soft brush, then choose highlights by going to Range setting in the menu-bar. After this, set the Exposure around 20% and brush over the eye area carefully. Your job will be done by a few simple strokes only.
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