You may have noticed lately your Instagram feed is becoming loaded with small 15-30 second video clips. These are called Reels and they are taking marketing to the next level. We have discussed in previous blogs how “Video’s are so HOT right now” and Reels are now scorching, making it quicker and easier to engage with your customers. Our resident social media guru Miriah Sullivan is going to explain to you the dark art of the Reel and in no time at all you can start reeling in some new customers with your slick mini movie making. In the video Miriah will explain to you these three things.

  1. What are Reels?
  2. How you make a Reel.
  3. Why are Reels great and why should you be using them!

What are Reels?

Reels are short 15-30 videos that you can make in Instagram, they are made just as easily as it is to make your standard posts or stories. Reels have their own section within your Instagram account, and you can film, edit, and post all from within the Instagram APP. For the super creative you can super charge your Reel with a host of editing options available like filters, transitions, badges, music, and speed. It’s an all-in-one mini movie studio that is going to take your customer engagement into the stratosphere.

How you make a Reel

Instagram know they are on a winner here, battling Tik Tok for the short video market, they have made it super easy to become a reel superstar.

  1. Open Instagram and hit the + button at the top of the page.
  2. Down the bottom of the screen, you will see “post, story or reels”, click on Reels.
  3. All your options are down the left-hand side of screen.
    • Length – 15/30 secs
    • Music
    • Speed – You can up the speed of your recording to squeeze more info in, or just look a little crazy.
    • Effects –
    • Touch Up
    • Timer
    • With these options available the sky is the limit for your creativity, test the limits of your imagination and film the best 30 secs of your life, every single time.
  4. Now its time to hit the big white button in the middle and start the show.
  5. Once you have done recording you can then add extra edits like
    • Stickers
    • Drawings on the screen
  6. Once you have completed your first steps to reel stardom it’s time to post the video. You can share to just Reels or also to your Feed.
  7. Write your caption to lure your customers in
  8. Don’t forget to choose a cover for your Reel, you can use a slide from your reel gallery or if you have made a custom cover add it here.
  9. You are almost ready to become a reel legend.
  10. Here you can choose to SHARE your Reel or SAVE DRAFT.
    • Its great to plan ahead and film a few reels at a time, you can save them here with the SAVE DRAFT and then schedule and share when needed.
  11. SHARE your reel to the world and prepare to become a C list celebrity.

Why are Reels great and why should you be using them!

The number one reason for using Reels on Instagram is visibility. Instagram are really pushing Reels, and now is the perfect opportunity to ride the reel wave and increase your account’s engagement. As Instagram is promoting Reels heavily, it’s an easy way to increase your organic reach as opposed to a standard static post. The main focus of Instagram is to build and engage your audience, and Reels are a fun, easy and highly effective way to grow your account. The longevity of a Reel is far greater than a standard post, when you post traditionally you normally you get an initial spike in interest then it slowly fades away. It has been seen that a Reel’s engagement can continue to grow for weeks or even months after the initial post.

In Closing

We have explained in previous Blogs how using video can help to build rapport and trust with your audience. A Reel is a quick and easy way to keep your face in the spotlight, building rapport and increasing engagement in the process. Reels are so easy to make, just a little practice and you will be the next Reel Spielberg. Just remember that Reels are great, but you are still going to need awesome subject matter that appeals to your target market, there still needs to be a little substance to your newfound Reel style.

If you need any help with getting more action on your Instagram account, the team at Straight Up Digital are experts in the Reel space. Feel free to call and ask for help, advice or to see if your Instagram account is doing all it can for your business.

About the Author: Matt White

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