Off-Site SEO to Improve Your Website’s Page Rank

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is surely one of the best methods to increase the traffic of your business or personal website. Majority of online businesses are now focusing more to enhance their coverage and reputation which automatically brings profit and success. So, you need to focus more on what you’re presenting to the users as it’s directly linked with your online success.

On-site and off-site are two types of concepts for SEO that you can use on your site. In on-site SEO you need to work more on keywords that will enhance your website ranks in various search engine results. On the other hand, Off-site SEO is considered by experts as a bit more complicated process because it involves to increasing website’s search engine result listings through page ranks.

Search engines focus on page ranks also, apart from keyword matches to determine a site’s placement in result pages. Off-site optimisation is considered as more flexible by majority of experts as it offers multiple methods that can help to increase the page rank of the website, instead of filling keywords everywhere which might even get the website banned by the search engines.

The links on the Internet which points back to the website determine the value of your page rank. The links which tags a website address are known as backlinks.

Here are some amazing off-site SEO  methods that can help your website to achieve better results and a higher page rank.

  • Link Building

To increase the page rank of your business website, exchange links with other websites containing the same content. All you need to do in this method is to put someone else link in your website and place your link on their website. This method is quite popular among bloggers as it’s quite easy to exchange links with other blogging websites compared to custom made Web documents.

  • Forum Advertising

With every post you make, advertising in forum sites is an excellent way to generate a huge amount of backlinks. You may get banned for directly advertising on these online forums. To avoid such situations, you can mention your website link in the signature box at the end of a blog or article.

  • Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another popular & excellent way to generate large amount of backlinks. In this method you need to tag links on your own website which people within the community can easily view and tag. Tagging websites that is informative and interesting may prompt people tag your page as well.

To know more about role of social media in SEO, you can read our blog: Social Media is an Excellent Platform To Boost Your SEO Campaign.

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