Link Building: How to Start a New Campaign?

Starting a link building campaign can provide excellent results for website’s rankings. But, before starting a campaign, you should understand the basics of a linking campaign and how it works? Always remember that a link building campaign and SEO don’t deliver success instantly. Setting goals is the most important thing you need to do before starting a link building campaign.

Before starting a link building campaign, you need to understand all the concepts related to the campaign. It is a process in which multiple attempts are made to increase the number of links to a particular website. To acquire those links, this process utilises various assets such as content, news, products and services attached to the website.

How to Structure a link building campaign          

Wide range of components are present in any link building campaign in which some are vital and other provide the remaining support to the campaign, though these might not be necessarily essential. The whole process largely depends on the assets and resources you decide to use.

Setting your goals     

Link building campaign is a type of marketing and it is recommended to set goals before starting any type of marketing campaign. You can create an excellent strategy when you are aware about your goals right from the start, increasing the chances of your success.

Ensure that your link building campaign goals are similar to your other business goals. For example, building 15 links is not a good idea, if these 15 links fail to deliver any success for your business.

Here, you might have to face a few issues. You must be aware of the fact that links are considered as a strong part of the search engine ranking algorithm. But, does this means that by having more links will help with rankings? Good rankings ultimately bring more traffic and more consumers.  These points are quite true, but a problem lies here. Sometimes, the links take a lot of time in delivering positive results to the website rankings.

It’s not possible that today you build links for a campaign and tomorrow they start showing results. In more competitive industries, the results might be much slower than you imagine.  

Even if a link building campaign hits certain goals, it is difficult to show that the campaign is a success. Thus, posing a problem for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the main reason, that you should always build more realistic goals. The linking campaign goals should be parallel or compatible with your organizational goals, to achieve success for your business.

For example, if your business is based on the Gold Coast and you wish to increase the search traffic in an organic way to get more sales. Then, you need to understand the fact that SEO and link building campaigns do not achieve success overnight or instantly.

Therefore, it will prove more intelligent approach, if you set long term goals or gains, instead of expecting overnight success or quick-wins.

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