Link Building Campaign – How to Start a New – PART 2

Link building campaign can deliver amazing results for website’s rankings. You need to know and learn the basics of a linking campaign, before starting a campaign. Keep in mind that an SEO campaign and a link building campaign don’t deliver success instantly. Before starting a link building campaign, you should set your goals to achieve the best and desired results from the link building campaign.

You should be aware about what types of links you need, while planning a strategy for a link building campaign for SEO. Following are a few to consider:

  • Links that have the name of your brand or company 
  • Links to your homepage
  • Links that have the keywords you’re willing to target
  • Links to inner pages like product or category pages

Apart from these, combinations of the above mentioned types are also used like a branded link to an inner page. First of all, you should identify the types of links you need that can help you in SEO. This can be done by conducting a thorough analysis of the link on your website and by finding out that how your website ranks in comparison to your competitors for certain keywords.

You can conduct an analysis to check how your link profile looks like currently, by using Open Site Explorer. With the help of analysis, you will find places where improvements can be made. For example, you may find out that you have bad ranking quite badly for one of the main keywords. There might be no existing links containing that keyword and direct to your website or one of the most important inner pages might have no links directing at it.

If you are successful in identifying such issues, you can work to resolve the problems. So, in such cases, you strategy should be to concentrate on link building for inner pages that doesn’t have good ranking for target keywords or any links.

How to find your link targets?          

You should first shortlist the people you are willing to contact as you need to ensure that only those people are contacted who may take an interest in the content of your website. The response rate will surely be a lot lower if you start contacting people randomly. Eventually, this will end up by giving you and your website a bad reputation.

Before starting any link building campaign, you should have a rough idea about your targets and what will they think about what you’re doing. When you create content like an info-graphic, then be clear about the audience that you want to target. The most important thing is to know that who will be interested enough in actually linking to it.

It is quite vital to understand that you it is quite easy to find an audience for your content, but you need to make a whole new level of efforts to encourage them to actually link to it. Link building might take some time and effort, so you need to urge them enough that they don’t mind linking to your website.

You can also target the people in your city, in order to reach out the local audiences. For example, if your business is based in Armidale or Tamworth, then target people that can bring you visitors from these two places.

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