What is Link Building? A Beginner’s Guide

Link Building is an effective technique which is widely used in Search Engine Optimisation. A number of people don’t have accurate information about different types of link building campaigns. As a beginner, you must first understand what link building is. Once you figure it out, then decide the type of link building campaign you wish to take on.

Link building in SEO has changed significantly over the past few years.  Google easily identifies and penalise the tactics which were considered quite effective before. Still in search marketing, earning or building links remains plays an important role in achieving success. In a number of surveys, linking showed quite a strong relation with high rankings.

This is why it has become quite important for the marketing companies to focus more on earning links. Followings tips can help you in building effective campaigns.

Why Link Building is Important?          

If you are a beginner, then you need to understand the whole concept right from the start. First of all, clear all the doubts and get your facts clear about link building. The nature of SEO and link building is constantly changing. Nowadays, it has become more important to build high quality links than ever before. If you want to stay in competition and thrive in the virtual world, then you need to implement quality campaigns.

Types of Links          

As mentioned before, quality has become a priority for Google as it penalises the websites that have built spammy or low quality links.

  • Editorial or Natural Links         

These are considered to the best links for SEO. You don’t ask for these links as these are provided editorially by owners of other websites. It is a far much better option than contacting others asking them to connect with you.

However, you have to give a good reason to others in order to achieve this goal, make more bloggers aware about your goals. One thing you can do is posting high quality content that can eventually attract more and more bloggers. Though this process may sound a bit time consuming, but these links are valued very highly.

  • Manual or Outreach Link Building          

This is one of the most common types of SEO link building campaigns performed in SEO. It is a good option for small or those who have just started their business. You need to contact bloggers and other website owners manually, asking them to link to your website. Here also, you need to provide them with a relevant reason that why they should link to you.

Try to find local bloggers also, like if your business is based in Sydney, then contact with bloggers that target Sydney audience. This will help you in reaching out to the local consumers more efficiently.

  • Non-editorial or Self-created links           

These links come under Black Hat SEO practices, therefore it is not preferred by most websites. These links are an attempt to lure the search engines towards a piece of content which holds no relevance, but made to look so. After the launch of Penguin and with regular updates, Google penalise and devalue websites that are indulged in using this type link building campaign.

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