Internet World Statistics

I was doing some research for another website and I cam across what I thought was a truly alarming statistic. Only roughly 40% of the world’s population have access to the internet. That really blew me away. I thought it was sure to be about 70-75% at least.

See for yourself here at http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users/ and also here for a per country breakdown http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users-by-country/.

Now given that there are just over 7 billion people on the planet that’s 4.2 billion that’s right, billion people without access to the internet. So where are they?

Well, India is the biggest with nearly 80% of it’s 1.26 billion people with no access to the internet.

Another surprise is China. It is a lot higher in penetration with 56% of it’s nearly 1.4 billion not accessing the internet. Amazing stuff huh?

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