Importance Of SEO Or PPC For Your Local Business

SEO and PPC are often seen as two different types of strategies. Though both of these are quite different in many ways, but have a single target area and that’s ‘search’. SEO and PPC can prove to be exceptionally profitable when used together. You need to capitalise on your SEO and PPC campaigns to develop a strong local search engine marketing strategy.

Search engines account for more than 70-80% traffic generated for websites, so it would be quite foolish to neglect search engine marketing. Here’s why:

  • An Excellent Online Presence

More than 75% people in Australia search about a product or service before making a purchase. This clearly indicates that people consider internet as a reliable source of information about various products & services. SEO and PPC can help to increase the credibility of your website. Organic results on search engines are earned and not purchased, so people trust them more. These results have no vested interest therefore near about 75% visitors go for them.

 A trend of not trusting small businesses that have no online presence is increasing among people. PPC and SEO are excellent tools for businesses to reassure the consumers that the company has a credible online presence. PPC is the best choice for beginners to quickly generate quality links and build a good organic space.

  • Delivers Qualified Leads

Whether organic or paid, search engine marketing has a lot to offer for online businesses in shape of instant and qualified leads. If users are searching for a specific product on the search engines then there’s a high chance that they’re looking forward to make a purchase. Search engine marketing is one the most effective sales channel for majority of retailers which clearly means that these inbound leads ultimately pay off.  

Majority of users don’t click on paid ads as they tend to favour the organic results more. Though a good exposure is generated through this, but such users may not make a purchase. On the other hand, people who click on the paid ads are more likely to do shopping. PPC offers a lot of speed, so you can see the results almost instantly, but with SEO you have to wait a little longer to get favourable results.

  • Best For Mobile Devices

The rise of mobile devices has been phenomenal and almost every other person is using Smartphone. You need to focus on having a strong local SEO strategy that can target your local consumers or market. Know more about local business SEO Strategy.

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