Building links are now recognized and one of the best ways to increase your Google ranking. In order to build successful links to your website or content, firstly you need to be offering something of value that other people want and secondly, you need to be able to place that offer in a place where the people that want it will see it, Sounds simple, but it’s not that easy. Your SEO services on the Gold Coast are experts in building quality links to your sites and content, but if you wish to try yourself these different types of link building strategies will help you improve your Google rankings:

The art of building successful links

You do not have to be producing lots of blog posts interactive guides or articles, often your branding, products or services are linkable on their own, especially if they are unique, of high quality or exceptional value.


This is reaching out to potential customers in your industry or niche to introduce them directly to your content, service, product brand or business;

Where you should be reaching out to:

  1. Any site or article that has mentioned your target keywords
  2. Sites or people who have linked to similar topics or articles to yours

These can be found by using a Content Explorer App that your SEO services on the Gold Coast have.

Guest Blogging

Most people understand this, you write content or an article or another website in your industry and after they publish it you link to that site. This is often done by searching for sites in your industry or looking for blog sites that are asking for guest bloggers or relevant topics.

The problem is these sites get huge amounts of people wanting to guest blog for them with the same idea of getting back links. So avoid those sites and just pitch your content to the most relevant sites to yours.

If you are offering a well written free piece of content that is bound to attract visitors to their site, most site owners would happily take it and link to you.

Use broken links and link reclamation

Often it’s easier to find old or broken links and replace or reclaim them

  1. Find broken links on relevant websites
  2. Create a new resource that is similar but far better than the broken resource
  3. Ask any site or searcher to link to your working resource instead of the broken link

Most web sites are constantly losing links as the site they are linked to are upgraded or renewed, so reclaims those links as you update your content.

Paid promotion

Paid promotional content on social media and AdWords will be seen by your chosen audience some of them will link to it to refer to later giving you coverage.

Link to high profile sites, but don’t forget to place your content and useful or thoughtful comments on Facebook, message boards, forums, Reddit and Quora as they all have lots of visitors who will link to the things they find useful or interesting and want to share them with their networks. This can substantially increase your quality links and backlink profile, your SEO services on The Gold Coast can help with these.