How to rank on You Tube in 2018

YouTube is becoming so popular because many people enjoy watching a video on their mobile devices as well as desktop computers rather than just reading a webpage. Whether you’re looking to sell your services and products just earn money from Absence or just want to show the world your videos YouTube optimisation is the way to go to get people to notice you.

YouTube Optimisation

  • The first and most vital step after you have completed your video is to make the right keyword research so you have the best words
  • Often keywords that work in Google will not necessarily work on YouTube and vice versa
  • Make a list of the keywords depending on your niche and the message you want to convey in your video. It is important to consider the intentions of people who might use your keywords so do a search on those words starting with “YouTube Search. You will then be able to see how much if any interest people using those keywords are likely to have on your videos
  • Find the right keywords in” YouTube Suggest” by simply opening YouTube and entering your main keywords in YouTube Search. An (“_”) underscore placed before you start a keyword will show all the words other people have searched before your keyword
  • Other ways to find the perfect keyword(s) are to use Google Trends. YouTube Suggestions, Video Key Word and Tags Extraction, Google Ad-words keyword tool
  • Sometimes when searching for keywords to use in search engine results pages or SERP you come across some videos as well, so these can be used well in both your YouTube and Website
  • An easy method is to use the following words around your topic words:

“Video”, “How to”, “Tutorials”, “Watch”, “Reviews”, “Songs/Movies”

Once you have several keywords or keyword phrases

  • Check your keyword location, by trying in different areas you want to market in or to. For example, “On The Gold Coast” in “Queensland” “Metro Brisbane” “The World”
  • Search the general topic, For example, if you were to search “Sell a Car” you could expect about 3,630,000,000 results in 0.53 seconds. If you search “Sell a purple Car” this would drop to About 254,000,000 results 0.40 seconds, Then if you placed “sell a purple car on the Gold Coast” it would drop to about 36,600,000 results in 0.27 seconds but only the top 3 entries would have “purple car”

Content is The Key

Now a few people would say that you have to be a great film director, a film star or a great photographer to make good videos, but the fact is many people would rather watch a user engaging video that shows extreme relevancy than a pretty person with plastic smiles doing something not so relevant. Sure a good video camera is important but not as important as relevant interesting and factual content

Once you have the content then if you can experiment with professional effects and visuals to increase the viewer’s experience

  • Then comes your title and thumbnail which is shown in search results and the first thing you see when you interact with a video
  • Your CTR (click through rate) is very much dependent on the interest and impression you convey in your search results title and thumbprint


The idea is once you have interested someone enough to click on your link to keep them engaged.

  • Engagement is linked to the value someone gets from watching your video
  • How you present the subject and the personality you exhibit
  • It is vital to make sure your video is relevant, original and the viewer is getting value for the time spent watching
  • Try and keep the watcher curious about what is coming up next to get the best and maximum engagement.

Watch time

Rankings can also be affected by the length of a video, the longer you can make your video as long as it has quality content the better

  • With two people making a similar video and using similar keywords the longer video will get higher rankings because watch time in ranking videos is the most important factor in the YouTube Algorithm
  • The first fifteen seconds of all videos are the most critical as that is the time most people will click off if your video is not relevant and interesting

YouTube SEO Optimisation

This is similar to website SEO and very important

  • Make sure your title is also a keyword or keyword phrase as the title tells people what your video is all about
  • You need to have a good video description because YouTube cannot look inside your Video (Yet). Provide an original and descriptive explanation or summary of your video, but overstuff your keywords
  • Add some external link to your relevant websites and your social profiles, remember this is your video’s communication to its search engine so good relevant information is needed


You need to have both video tags and your own tags so you can tell YouTube what your video relates to

  • Place your main keywords in the search box to find your relevant long tail Keywords and use the (“_”) underscore to gain more suggestions

Your Video Thumbnail

This is important as your thumbnail is what people see on the search engine; the more interesting and attractive the higher your CTR will be


If you want to grow your audience, then growing your branding so people associate your video’s and branding with quality and you build a fan base is a must

Promoting Your Video

This should be done on all your social media and blogging sites as well as anywhere you can get a mention. The more you are watched, the higher the ranking and the more new viewers you will get. Think Google Drive, Reddit and any groups on Facebook that are relevant.


It is vital for a successful YouTube video campaign or promotion that you have high quality original and relevant content presented interestingly way to keep viewers watching especially in the first 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure to add a quality description and thumbnail and links to all your relevant sites

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