Most people understand the importance of SEO and how it’s all about text and keywords, but most do not realise that images have an important role to play as well. They are extremely important for user experience and one of the best ways to attract interest. Images deal with emotion and that’s one of the key SEO Tips and Important for SEO.

A new webpage covered in text on a white background, gives the feeling that it’s boring not particularly trustworthy or memorable. In fact, studies show visitors are 80% more likely to read content with images.

Having images adds emotion, and emotion is what attracts visitors. Your local SEO Service on the Gold Coast will be happy to show you how to achieve this in a tasteful and inviting way.

Google’s algorithm is programmed to translate the behavior patterns of visitors to a site to determine their value for user experience. Visitor numbers and bounce rates are one of the ways search engines determine your site worthiness. If you have lots of visitors that bounce away, it is much worse than only having a few visitors if the majority stay and your bounce rate is very low.

All images can be optimised and this I what the search engine crawlers will see, the text behind the image, text that you have specially created to give them the information you want them to see.