When you have an e-commerce website the most important thing is to make new sales. This is done by getting new customers or leads that turn into new customers. Your SEO Service on the Gold Coast can help set up your site so it’s optimised for increasing new leads

The best ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Leads are:

·  Target your existing customers

Instead of focusing all your attention on finding new leads, consider your existing customers. They are potently you new business ambassadors. They are a valuable resource but need to be treated with respect and consideration.

Each satisfied customer you have is likely to tell another where they got their product and service, so it is important to improve on their experience on your site

Consider starting a customer loyalty program to give your customers an incentive to return often, dollars to reward points

·   Show Your Trustworthy

One of the major issues with online shopping is cyber security and identity theft.

You need to convince customers that your site is secure and safe. This is best done by showing recognised safety icons and badges that you have earned like Norton Antivirus

·   Use Video

Marketing experts all over the world are now saying that the best value dollar spent is video demonstrations because consumers love videos. They create an increased sense of engagement you just do not get from print. People remember what they see, better than what they read.

When you show people how to use your product you are also explaining why they need it to make their life easier or how it will solve their problems.

If you’re selling clothing you do not need to show how to put it on, but you can show how wearing it makes a person look and feel attractive

·   Include Customer Testimonials with Photos

Using your customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to convince others to try your products, these always work better if there is a photo as this brings the person to life. Also, include relevant details such as their titles

·   Mobiles

Make sure all your sites and content can be easily read on portable devices and fully optimised for mobile users. Over 50% of internet sales are now done on mobile devices so if you’re not optimised you miss out

·   FOMO or The Fear Of Missing Out

It is important to create a sense of urgency on your e-commerce site so people will act now because they do not want to miss a promotion or bargain.

One common ploy is to suggest there is a very limited supply and the item or service is fast running out. Airlines do this, they offer $100 tickets from Brisbane to Melbourne, but say it’s a very limited offer and there are only 12 seats left at this price. Flash sales also work well.

Your local SEO Service on the Gold Coast are the experts who can help you promote your e-commerce business and find new leads that will convert to sales. Never overlook the potential you have in producing new leads and sales from your existing customers.