How To Deal With Google’s Doorway Page Update

‘Mobilegeddon’ update by Google started rolling out from 21st April, 2015, catching headlines and everybody SEO expert’s attention. Majority of people almost neglected the ‘doorway page update’ and only a few reported about it. So, let’s talk about this ‘doorway page update’.

In March, Google said that to deal with doorway pages, it will roll out a “ranking adjustment”. So, it means that websites using doorway campaigns will be affected broadly b y this update.

In the past, Google Webmasters may have warned you about “Gateway Page” and you may have heard about some developments here and there, but apart from this you might not be able to find any evidence of this update yet. This means that there’s still time to avoid the effects of this update and save your website’s position. Here are some steps you can consider to avoid the negative impacts of ‘doorway page update’.

  • Don’t Have Any Empty Pages

Remove all the empty pages from your website. Don’t make new pages live until you have fresh, relevant and unique content for those pages.

  • Remove Pages That Are Hard To Find

Pages that are designed to bring traffic, but aren’t integrated tightly into your website’s navigation may increase the problems. Clean up your website navigation so people can surf your website easily and remove pages that are difficult to find and are meant to bring in traffic only.

  • Infuse Energy

There are pages in websites that largely depend on content generation like blogs, reviews/testimonials, etc. Give importance to content generation early and on a regular basis. You can even hold deployment of pages until you have a good amount of content to justify such pages.

  • Say No To Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is something that can cause troubles with your Google. However, after the “doorway page update” rolls out, it seems that Google may penalise websites that have duplicative and repetitive pages. So, avoid pages that have almost the same content and focus on same location targeting various keywords.

If there any pages on your website that have exactly same content like blogs, reviews/testimonials, or check-ins then configure the website in such a way that one content appears on a single page only.

  • Avoid Multiple Websites

People often make multiple websites for various SEO purposes. That’s fine, but you need to try your level best to justify having separate domain names or multiple websites for your products and services. You also need to ensure that content duplication is avoided on your multiple websites, just like avoiding the same content on a single website.

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