How to Choose an SEO Expert

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing tactic that helps your website get found by prospective customers and clients who might be looking for you on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. SEO works by optimizing a variety of factors like keywords, page metadata, and links to improve a websites rank so it shows up in the first few search engine results.

Because search engines use complicated algorithms that they change frequently to determine where a website ranks in search results, it is advantageous to hire an SEO expert. The first place you might go to find an SEO expert is a search engine, however, with over 13 million search results, the question becomes “How do I choose the best SEO expert for my company’s needs?”

There are three main criteria for selecting an SEO Expert:

First: the SEO expert should demonstrate an understanding of the changing nature of search engine ranking factors. Search engine companies are constantly changing and improving their algorithms to provide searchers with the most relevant search results. The SEO expert should understand these changes and trends and be able to adjust their strategies to meet the new criteria for ranking.

Second: An SEO expert should have a variety of tools and strategies they are using. Too many SEO experts are able to rank a site and then the search engines changes their algorithm and all their hard work is gone. However, by using a variety of tools and strategies the true expert is able to keep a site ranked regardless of how search criteria for ranking may change.

Finally: An SEO expert should use and truly understand website analytics. The website analytic data is almost more important than where a website ranks in search engines. This data can show whether or not a website is engaging prospective customers with the information they are looking for. The SEO expert should be using this data to tweak existing content and create new content that truly resonates with visitors who visit the site via search engines.

SEO is an ever changing field, but finding an SEO Expert who understand those changes, uses a variety of tools and strategies to stay ahead of those changes, and understand how to used website analytics to help content resonate with visitors will help you see a results from your SEO marketing.

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