Internet marketing needs visitors and converts them into paying customers. When using social media on the Gold Coast, correctly you’ll tap into a goldmine for driving leads straight to your business.

Some of the ways social media can help you gain better conversions.

  • It’s about trust

When people want to purchase goods or services in a land based business, they enter the store of their choice and talk with a sales rep or storekeeper. The main job of a sales rep is to instil a sense of trust in the product or service and those who are providing it. If the customer feels they cannot trust the store the sales rep or the product they will not buy it and look elsewhere.

When dealing on the internet people are even more cautious because they don’t have the same contact as dealing face to face and know there are many untrustworthy dealers looking for easy money the net.

In order for people to give you their information and their money you need to first establish a high level of trust with them, a feat that’s not always easy, but can be done by using social media platforms on the Gold Coast.

The best way to gain peoples trust is to give them something they want, something they place a high value on and something that solves a problem they have.

If you manage to do this it instils a sense of trust and confidence in your website, blog, brand, business and sales reps. It’s a fact, that shoppers only buy from sites they like, know and trust, if they don’t, they will not bother to click on your site or read your media content.

You need to show people a reason to have confidence in you, to show social proof of your trustworthiness which has a strong psychological effect on potential customers desire to purchase from you

Ways to build social trust

Demonstrate you and your brand have a strong reputation

  • Display reviews on social media sites
  • Collaborate with others in your industry who have a strong social media following and are considered to be trustworthy and authentic
  • Get involved with and contribute to Social media groups in your industry
  • Create and distribute original and highly relevant, useful and interesting content to your target audience
  • Use captivating and interesting headlines

Use different social media platforms appropriately

Every social media platform works in different ways and attracts different groups of people in different ways, so in order for you to effectively use social media on the Gold Coast you need to study each one and optimize your content and presentation accordingly. What works well on one platform can fail completely on another, so it’s vital to constantly monitor and track your performance and then at on those results

Social media on the Gold Coast is a powerful tool to increase visitors and increase conversion rates if done properly as by offering original, interesting and useful content you can quickly attract a strong following in your niche or industry. Before people will buy from you, they need to be able to firstly find you and secondly trust you and your branding. Social media makes it easy and inexpensive to build trust and a good following if you take the time to do it properly and track the results