There is some debate about whether or not social media on the Gold Coast is able to influence the traffic on our website. This is largely because it appears to have little direct effect on your SEO.

What having a strong social media presence does do, is to have an impact on other factors that can affect a sites ranking, such as traffic. Some important things you should consider regarding social media on the Gold Coast and your SEO.

  • Driving Traffic

Having a good social media presence increases people’s awareness of your brand. It may not directly bring about sales, but it’s able to provide a lot of visibility for your content. If people like your content and share it, then you will get more traffic to your website as others become aware of it and link to your site. This in turn helps increase the rankings for your main website and other content.

  • Profiles can Rank in Search Engine Results

Social media profiles on the Gold Coast are not confined to social media, they are also subject to ranking by search engines, so they can help to increase your brands overall visibility and help drive more organic traffic to your website as new people seek to learn about or come across your company. Visiting a company’s Facebook page helps searchers discover a company’s personality and social standing giving them more public credibility.

  • Social Media Can Help Increase Your Contents Reach

Social media on the Gold Coast has the advantage of placing your content directly in front of people who are not searching using relevant keywords, but just surfing or looking for interesting or entertaining content. Once they see and like your content they are likely to share it increasing your reach.

  • Social Media Platforms are really Search Engines

Social media platforms include very functional search engines, so a surfer can quickly find relevant articles and information. It’s very important to optimise your social media with relevant keywords which allow searchers to easily discover your site or profile.

  • Local SEO

To ensure your business’s credibility, it’s important to be very consistent with all your NAP (Name, address and PH number) information on all your content including your social media as this affects your local SEO. Where possible geo-tag your posts and content to attract more local visitors searching for your products.

  • YouTube SEO

Popular YouTube videos often show up prominently in search engine results. This form of social media content on the Gold Coast along with other platforms such as Instagram need to have their descriptions and titles correctly optimised with appropriate keywords so they will show up and become visible in their respective platforms as well in most regular search results. Doing this helps to influence your overall SEO strategy and drive organic traffic to your website Social media on the Gold Coast plays an important role in boosting a company’s branding and public awareness even though it possibly does not directly affect a company’s official ranking. What it does do, is to increase the effectiveness of your overall SEO strategy helping to rank a website in the regular search results and give it more public visibility that helps to drive more high quality traffic to your website.