With the internet now very sophisticated and rankings based heavily on quality content and the value you provide to users, your SEO service agency on the Gold Coast can help your site or blog to be SEO compliant. One aspect of search engine optimisation that should not be overlooked is Link Building. Reading this article will help you to understand how building links is beneficial to your business and plays an important role in SEO.

Google Changed the Game Forever

When Google started they based the page ranking ability of a site on an algorithm based on links between pages. Links connects from one page of a website to other.

Google launched its Penguin algorithm in 2014 to clarify the process of link building for SEO and to encourage webmasters to go about the process of link building by getting a diverse range links from websites that are relevant, related and provide high quality, authoritative content.

The search engine counts the numbers of high quality inbound links to a webpage from other high quality websites that are SEO compliant as one of the main factors in determining where in the rankings a website should be placed.

Search engines assume that the more links and the number of times they’re used by searchers as well as the number of repeat visits through those links and the time visitor stay on the site, the more important a website is.

Benefits of Link Building

Link building plays an important role in SEO because generally the popularity of a blog or website is related to the number of inbound links it attracts. It’s much more important to have genuine high quality links that come from reliable websites than a large number of low value links.

Some Benefits of Link Building for SEO

  • Your site becomes more visible in search rankings or pages
  • You will receive quality traffic from sites linked to your blog or website
  • You will be able to establish your brand as an Authority in your Industry because your site is considered a valuable resource
  • Link building with new blogs or websites helps them to be indexed quicker in search results

Some strategies for Link Building

There are a number of strategies that can be used to build high quality links to your site, but it’s advisable to take the time to devise a proper well considered plan for link building. This is extremely valuable part of successful SEO strategy will make it much easier for you to be discovered on the net. Search engines are programed to respond positively when they encounter and subsequently crawl every aspect of your site and explore every link to or from your site. This will help them determine its value to those who use search engines.

These strategies should be considered:

  • Write content that is original and truly epic, in this way you will be linked to naturally by other sites
  • Try and do guest blogging on sites that are compatible to yours and invite other bloggers to do spots on your blogs
  • Use infographic’s to provide an easy to understand overview of your site and communicate your message clearly and quickly
  • Create unique human aspect epic videos to attract attention and send out your message
  • Place your listing on every directory service in your areas and especially those that are associated with your industry, but always provide the exact same information to avoid confusion
  • Read and respond positively to all blog or website comments, including those on other relevant sites or blogs
  • Follow social bookmarking websites

Site engine optimisation is about creating a high value experience for visitors and solving their problems. In order for a blog or site to be discovered by searchers they need to be able to find the appropriate links to your site or find you in search engine results. This is best achieved by building high quality links to relevant websites and blogs.