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We have been doing a fair bit of research into the search behavior of local customers and what we have found is Google Local Places, also known as Google Business, is really important because it can connect you directly with your customers in your local area. Whether your customers are searching for you by typing in SEO Gold Coast on Search, Google Places or Google +, Google My Business or Maps, when you have signed up they will find you easily. Google suggests that 97% of consumers search online for local businesses

When you sign up you will be asked about your business details. So that you obtain the best possible and effective, local listing and your business shows up well on Google Maps.

Having a strong local internet presence is more important than ever, especially for small to medium sized businesses. A large business with multi-million dollar advertising accounts and huge shop frontages in popular areas have up until now had the major advantage over small business, but that is changing.

With Google Local Place starting to even the playing field, small business with their smaller overheads and ability to use local SEO and Google Places are able to have an internet presence that is able to compete. This is of course if provided they have a quality website and business in the first place.

But even without a web presence you can still open a business account with Google Local Places and be noticed, but having a good local SEO means you will get lots of visitors to your site. The more positive action your site gets, the more interest it will attract. This will give you the benefit of a high local search result ranking.

A good example is someone looking for a great local pizza on The Gold Coast.

If they placed “Pizza on the gold coast” into their Google search browser they would in about half a second get over 50 million results, but they would also get a Google map showing three Pizza establishment, one in Miami and two in Burleigh heads, so those 3 establishments would probably get most of the trade from people doing a local search rocketing their businesses into new levels

Of course in an area the size of the Gold Coast there are probably hundreds of places that sell pizza, they cannot all have a flag one small map so on the ones with the highest Local SEO and ranking will be shown

Local Directory References

There are a few local directory services that Google trusts and works with, such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and Citysearch. If you also place your presence on these sites and spend a little time to get a good ranking, it reinforces to the Goole search engines that you are a quality active member of that community.

It is important that when you list in different local directories, you do so in exactly the same way so you do not send conflicting messages to the Google search engines. So if you update on you must update them all.

When the Google search engines come across your details, which it will, it sends a very strong message that your company is consistently reliable and stable on all platforms.

An interesting thing is that if a pizza business in Brisbane wanted to get customers on The Gold Coast, it would not work because the closer the searcher is to the specific location they are searching in the more likely you will be at the top of the search results

Google has a set of best practice guidelines to follow which makes it very to join Google Local Places and get your business set up so you can start to  inform all of your potential customers that you are open and ready.

Apart from placing you closer to the top of the search rankings this will help your customers buy:

  • Allowing them to see your business location and find directions to you
  • Finding your contact details quickly
  • Read the reviews and see what others have experienced from you
  • Take an in-depth tour of your website and view your video and photos, read menus and check prices

Even you are getting great search engine results, every business has room for improvement and having a Google My Place listing is very effective despite what some in social media claim. It is going to become much more important for those who want their business to expand no that every school student from 5 year up is computer literate and knows how to find what their personal mobile device

How to set up your business on Google My Places

  • Business or Company Name

Be sure to add your business or company name in exactly the same way it is written anywhere else

Do not add any advertising, text, keywords or marketing in the business name

Only use the full business name without shortcuts, abbreviations, special characters or short cuts

  • Use an accurate location

The address you enter has to be very specific include

  1. In Address line 1 place the street number, floor and suite number
  2. Place your mailbox number into address line 2
  3. Your suburb or area
  4. Your City, State and Country, Zip or Post Code

It is important that you only create one listing for each location.

If you have services from the same businesses in different locations, create one central office, shop or location and add designates service areas for them

  • Phone Numbers

List all your phone numbers that are answered at your business location, such as local numbers, toll free numbers, fax numbers and mobile numbers

Try to avoid using call center numbers and add your local email address.

  • Services

Add of all the local services you provide stating what your business is, not what it does, for example, Butcher, Baker or haberdashery

  • Local Terms

Try and use local terms as you are targeting local internet users. Do not use terms in The Gold Coast that have special meaning in Sydney or Perth.


The internet is getting busier all the time with all school kids now being taught how to find their way around the internet and search out the things they require. Google claims that 97% of people using the internet search online for local business and products so it’s a winner.

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