Recently Google updated its search engine algorithm, this has been done to try to improve their user’s experience when searching the internet and using Google in general. As usual, this has created controversies and some sites have lost out on their rating advantages. The question is, how is this going to affect your site and your SEO results and can your SEO service in Brisbane help you?

The Purpose of this Update

The main reason for this update is to eliminate all the lower quality content and spammy types of content that is trying to find a place or to rank on the Google search engines and stopping or slowing down peoples searches. Google is primarily interested in improving user experiences by improving content posted on sites.

Google responds to its user’s requests and they have been asking for better control over content.

May webmasters and content writers do not understand that an articles title needs to describe the actual contents of that article. Many people when searching for a particular piece of information will now enter long tail keywords to find what they are looking for so the content needs to relevant to the title

The changes to the algorithm are designed to eliminate ‘low quality’ or spammy content, that is made to rank in the search engines. Google’s approach is to do things that eliminate irrelevant or search results that are not useful because this is what a lot of their users have requested.

How will this Affect Your SEO?

Many sites are now placing content that’s only purpose is to attract more visitors from search engine results, but they do not care about the quality of their content or whether it has any real value to visitors.

Of course, sites add content to attract visitors and this is the marketing game, but content that has no real value, content that does not provide valuable information, solve problems or entertain its visitors is what this update is designed to target and eliminate from the search engine rankings.

So how to combat this

Being mindful about the content you publish and also the content you allow your site to link to is very important.

Always make sure your content is

  • Original, unique and not clowned or a rewrite of someone else’s work
  • Of high value, it gives value for the time spent on your site
  • Interesting content will capture people’s attention
  • Accurate and grammatically correct, no spelling or typo errors

A Golden Opportunity for Real Content Producers

What Google search engines are doing is getting rid of content farmers so if you study local content farmers in your locality and start using the keywords that have been working for them, keywords that are strictly relevant to your content, then you have a golden opportunity to improve your rankings or ask your SEO Service in Brisbane to help you rework your website and content to achieve this.

Ask your SEO service in Brisbane to help you improve your website and content so that it provides the highest level possible of quality and useful content that is relevant to your titles, headings, and industry or the services you provide. In this way, you can benefit from the new Google search engine algorithm changes.