Everyone into any form of internet marketing has a website with the main goal of drawing people in,  so they can make sales. The old internet marketing that was popular a few years ago where you saturate everything in blanked advertising much like a TV or magazine adds just does not work now. In fact, that type of marketing turns people off and away very quickly. Agencies that help with SEO on the Gold Coast can build a successful, organic SEO oriented, traffic producing site for you, or you can have a go at trying it yourself.

Successful internet marketers know you need traffic or people visiting your site as you just cannot scale a business without a healthy amount of traffic. The more traffic you can generate the greater your visibility becomes. The best way to do that is by giving internet searchers what they want. Not what you think they want, but what they tell you they want by their actions.

If for example your business mainly sells sunblock and hand sanitiser, then you could just place on your website that you sell sunblock and hand sanitiser and you may get a few visitors.

But if you were to create an informative, interesting article about the benefits of sunscreen and hand sanitisers , explaining how they work and why the particular type you supply are the best and most cost effective, and use a series of long and short tailed keywords, you would attract many more visitors.

If you then went on in a series of blogs attached to your site, some interesting original content that’s closely related to sunscreens and hand sanitiser topics, such as the origins of today’s sunscreens and high fashion sunscreens etc.

What is Organic Traffic

Anyone who finds or comes to your website after entering a query in a search engine to find something is considered an organic search result as opposed to someone who clicks on a paid for advertisement.

Everyone who looks on the internet starts with a search engine whether they are looking for something specific or making a more general search.

Why it’s Important to Rank Highly on Search Engine Pages

The simple answer is that most people only look at the first page of the search results, usually if they don’t find what they want, straight away, they just make a new search.

Search Engine Ranking

Search engine crawlers spend their time traveling all over websites. They count the number of links you have from other sites and your total visitor numbers. When they find a site that has lots of visitors especially repeat visitors and those from other high volume sites they start to consider your site is popular and is offering its visitors value for time spent there.

They assess the content, its relevancy to its keywords overall speed and performance as well as the time visitors spend there and then place it in the rankings accordingly.

Your SEO Company on the Gold Coast can create a high value website that attracts a lot of visitors because it offers them value and relevancy in regard to the keywords they enter. This in turn attracts the attention of search engine crawlers who rate your site accordingly.