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Do you need some Graphic Design work done? Maybe you need a logo or banner for you site? Whatever the job, Straight Up Digital can help. We are limited only by your imagination.

How important is it for your business to have a consistent look and feel? The importance of congruency is paramount in business today. Sites that have a consistent look, feel & message allow the user to focus on the message rather than how it looks and ultimately this get’s your message across far easier.

Imagine a ladies only gym with lot’s of strong blue colours and a really masculine theme, or Unisex Hair Salon (for men and women) that is all pink. It just wouldn’t look professional and it most likely wouldn’t allow you to maximise your client base.

For each and every design we have a questionnaire so that we uncover the true message that you want to convey, see the below example:

Guards Queensland Logo

Seems simple, and it is. The client did however want to convey QLD as a state as well as the maroon colour that QLD is famous for. They also wanted it to not be too focused on a male or a female audience. This is the finished product.

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