Google Announces to Rank Mobile Responsive Websites Higher

Google announced last week that the search giant is modifying its search algorithms to generate results that are better-adapted for smart or mobile devices. We are a web design Gold Coast based company that will keep you updated with all the developments in the web designing world.

From April 21, Google will start using “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking standard for mobile searches in all languages all over the world.

Detailing & outlining the changes, Google said in its blog that the company will expect that this “will have a significant impact in our search results.”

Last week, Google stated that it’s also working to provide apps more importance in search results. Users who are signed in and have a specific indexed app installed in their devices will now be able to see more relevant content related to it.

Here at Straight Up Marketing, we have strongly recommended many times that every business website should be highly mobile responsive. Such sites can be viewed easily & quickly on various screen sizes, regardless of the mobile device being used to visit the website.

We also provide previews for our clients to see how their current business website looks when a user views it using various devices. This way you will know that how a visitors see your website from different screen size devices.  

Almost everyone with a business website may have experienced the issue of mobile responsive websites. One thing is for sure that no one prefers to visit a website which isn’t mobile friendly, takes too long to load, clumsy to navigate and leaves no stone unturned in increasing your frustration.

Google has made significant attempt in the past to combat this issue and now the search engine giant has announced to introduce some alerts to make users aware of a site that is only designed for desktop use. Of course, users will still be free to visit such sites, but this message from Google can deter many other users from visiting the website. This also increase the chances that the users might switch to you competitors website if your business site isn’t mobile responsive.

Google is aware that many businesses have a totally different website for mobile devices, still a responsive design make crawling through the main website a lot easier thing to do. Google is now looking at various points while it crawl your website like how much time the content take to load, content can be viewed and shared easily and a single domain name or URL.

If you haven’t thought about making a mobile responsive design yet then hire a web design Company that can help you with your requirements.

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