Frequently Asked Questions?

What does a digital marketing agency do?
Digital marketing agencies vary in the services they offer. Straight Up Digital can be considered a ‘full-service’ digital marketing agency as we help clients with everything including Website Design, SEO, Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Video Marketing, Photography and more. We offer a one-stop approach for all your digital marketing needs.
What services does Straight Up Digital offer?
We offer the following services:
Website Design, SEO, Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Video Marketing.
If you would like to find out more about what we do please get in touch and we can discuss anything unique about your project!
What makes Straight Up Digital different?
Straight Up by name, Straight Up by nature!
We say it how it is and aren’t afraid of having the difficult conversations with our clients. As the digital landscape develops and gets even more confusing, we strip back the buzzwords and explain things in a way that makes sense.
In all of our work on our client’s projects we are transparent about the work we are doing and always available to answer and questions or queries.
Our core company value is “Driven by authenticity, generating results and delivering dependability.”
How do I get started?
To get started working with us reach out video email or book a meeting. We then will have a face to face meeting (or over Zoom/phone call if you prefer) and go over your project with one of our experts.
After the meeting you will have a clear plan defined for the next steps. Which will involve setting up a kick-off meeting with our Delivery Manager, Tara Valentine.
How long does it take to see results?
It depends on the project we are helping you with.
If you have a website and sales funnel already built, we expect to get you results within the first month of Facebook Ad or Google Ad campaigns.
For SEO it typically takes 3-6 months to start seeing results and sometimes longer depending on the industry.
What types of businesses do you work with?
We work with all types of business. The only thing similar about the businesses we work with is that they all have a website!
Previously we have worked with the following types of business: professional trades, professional services, events, restaurants, real estate, construction, manufacturing, events, coaches, podcasts, apps and ecommerce.
In terms of company size we work businesses with just one sole trade entrepreneur, right the way through businesses with hundreds of employees across multiple locations and multiple countries.
Whilst many of our clients are based locally on the Gold Coast and across South East Queensland, we also look after clients in other locations in Australia and internationally.
What is the minimum sign-up period?
No minimum sign-up period. No lock-in contracts!
We don’t have a minimum sign-up period. Though our experience in marketing we have seen many clients locked into long contracts and put at a disadvantage. We don’t believe it has to be that way. If any of our clients are not happy with our service they are able to leave at any time.
Will you share with my what is being done on my website?
Absolutely! We are transparent with everything we do on a client’s project. We don’t work on things behind the scenes and not tell you. At every step during the campaign, we will explain what we have done and what we will be doing next.
We think its important that you know what is happening on your campaign. On top of regular emails and calls, we offer a monthly face-to-face catch up. It is a review meeting with all our clients to discuss the progress on their campaign and make changes to the website.
My business is not based on the Gold Coast, does this matter?
Everything we do is online, if you aren’t on the Gold Coast we can still work on your project!
Everyone in our team is fully capable of communicating via video or phone call. Its 2021, there’s nothing holding us back from working on your marketing!
If you are ever on Gold Coast, make sure you come and visit!

Let's Work Together!

We are based on the Gold Coast 
Our clients are all over the world.