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The top 5 benefits of an explainer video

Video, is exploding around the net, it’s taking over as the best way to get your message across, simply because people find it much easier to understand and see what it’s all about when you show them a simple video. This very quick visual display has a high impact, made to make an impression, is enjoyable sometimes humorous and is usually memorable. People are just tired of reading through endless, lengthy text and different websites to find the information they require.

What can take a page of text or more to explain can be covered with video in moments. It is a fact that often seeing, is believing and your viewers will get a much better appreciation of your product or service when they can actually see it in action.

The short explainer video gets right to the point, it very quickly makes an introduction of you or your company, it explains just what you do and how your product or service is going to help solve their problem or query.

Explainer videos are not long usually only 2 to 3 minutes, they can be real life or animated. Being designed to grab a searchers attention through a visual display, which can include music or sounds to improve customer enjoyment, they get your message across and provide valuable information in an interesting way.

These videos are designed to give enough information to help potential customers decide to investigate further or purchase your product or service.

Explainer videos are not overloaded with information or any irrelevancy; they only contain the most important, relevant facts designed to attract customers and increase conversion rates for them to know about your product or service.

These are the top 5 benefits of explainer video

  1. They Increase Your Conversion Rates

Watching an explainer video makes it far easier for your customers to cut to the real issues about your services or products, they can see the quality and the beneficial aspects of purchasing from you without making them explore your site and today, many people do their searches by viewing the search page description, but often do not bother clicking anything apart from the thumbnails that indicate there is a video to watch.

When a visitor arrives on your landing page and watches your explainer video, there is a high chance you will make a sale straight from there. Explainer videos are a very powerful way of converting visitors into paying customers because they explain your product and service as well as how purchasing from you will benefit them.

The video will show them the range of colours, sizes or other options you are offering without you needing to explain these details as they can see for themselves. The beauty of video is it helps people visualize themselves, using your product or service.

  1. A Standalone Promotion

Explainer videos are really standalone promotions that can be used in many different applications such as search engine result pages, blogs and all social media sites, they can be used as a way of linking sites together, in thumbnails on emails, business cards and any content you post. It allows you to reach out to people who are not visiting your site so gives a broad coverage across the internet. New potential customers will hear all about you, your services and products in your own words everywhere

  1. Better Google Results

Google has said that having a quality, relevant video makes you more likely to have a better ranking on their search engines. You still need up to date SEO, but people are over 40% more likely to click a video link than text. Because users like video and having people watch them increases your traffic, it helps with your ratings, attracting more and more visitors

  1. Makes You Stand Out

With so many competing websites nothing is totally unique or totally original, to gain the attention you need an angle or to have your sales presentation pitched in the right way to attract consumers

Your explainer video gives you the edge by being able to highlight the reasons why your branding service or product is more suitable than your competitors.

By taking the time to make a great explainer video or partnering up with the right company who can make it for you, it is reasonable to expect to end up with the perfect company promotional story that you can use in all your email marketing everywhere, 24/7

On top of being easy to place where people can see them explainer videos are easy to share with any at any time and people who like them will share with their friends. By making them enjoyable and adding maybe a touch of humor, you can get your message spread expeditiously with very little extra cost

  1. Return on Investment

Many people still look at money spent on websites, internet marketing and things like explainer videos as an expense that they really could do without. They will happily spend money on radio, billboard and newspaper advertising and never really know if they are getting a return on this or not. This is because there is really no way of measuring it. Internet marketing is totally different. You can see exactly where your dollars are going and the results they have…

When you spend the time doing it yourself or your money on having a high quality website created for you it should be looked upon as an investment not an expense.

Like all good investments, it should not be done lightly or halfheartedly. A wise business investment is to place your branding, products and services right before your potential customer’s eyes. Sure a well presented store window in the main shopping area will help your business, but at what cost? For a fraction of the cost, you could have a virtual store right on everyone’s mobile device where they can effortlessly view you your explainer video even a series of them that could promote your whole range.

The key to success in internet marketing is to give people value for time spent and a good reason to want to become a loyal customer. The trick is to get your branding, company or product range where everyone can easily and reliably find it in a cost effective and productive way. One of the best methods this can be done is to have a quality explainer video as your frontline promotion strategy


New fads in internet marketing come and go. Things that worked well before may not work today. But explainer video is not a fad, it’s the new face of internet marketing and without it, your competition that will be using it will have an edge over you.

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