Do’s and Don’ts for SEO Campaign – Part I

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you should implement in your SEO campaign for your business website.

  • Right keywords and keyword phrase: You need to understand your business. What consumers are looking for and when they’re looking for your products and services. For each and every page of your business website, you should find great keyword phrase. You can even ask your SEO to write different pages for various keywords and phrases. Use keyword planner to find best suited keywords for your business.
  • Choose not a very popular keywords and keyword phrase: You might wonder why so? This is mainly because popular keywords are usually too competitive and you might fail to keep up with the high competition. Find a less popular keyword that can guarantee a higher traffic and higher ranking to your website.
  • Write an HTML website: By using an easily accessible HTML language, you can ensure that various search engine spiders are able to read your website effectively.
  • Use keyword phrase in title tag: Put the keyword phrase in the beginning of title tag. The keyword phrase will act as link in the search engine index.
  • Get domain name having your keyword phrase: Having keyword in the domain name of your website is an excellent way to optimise your keyword phrase.
  • Write unique & fresh content: It has been stated many times that new, fresh and unique content is important for your website and its SEO campaign. On your business site, get unlimited amount of content that is informative and different from your competitors.
  • Keep a consistent flow of content: Websites that have new content on a regular basis are considered as reliable by various search engines. By adding new and relevant info, you can help the ranking of your business site.
  • Add keyword phrase in the URL: It’s quite important to add key word phrase in the website’s URL because all the search engines read the URL’s. Never forget to add the keyword phrases in your URL because search engine will assign value to the text in your URL after reading the URL.
  • Use keyword in headlines: For search engines, headlines are considered as more important than the following text. So, ensure applying keyword phrases in the headlines.
  • Use keywords in anchor text of links: Links are given high priority and usually stand out on most web pages. In some cases, links are even given high value than the text.
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