Create your own reality

Want to bust out of the rat race?

Maybe you feel like you are unappreciated in your current role or maybe you are busy building someone else’s dream, whatever the case we hear you loud and clear.

Do you have a passion but just not sure if you can pursue it? We don’t want to tell you what to do or give any advise but we can tell you what we did.

We were sick and tired of building wealth for other companies and decided to do it for ourselves by setting up our own niche. We set up an online marketing company focused around SEO for the Gold Coast market.

After a little while though, we had many clients ask us if we could build them a website do which after about 14-15 requests (yep we were fast at working things out back then) we decided to bring on website design.

It was then that the social media revolution truly happened and we started doing social media optimisation purely out of our own needs and again, our clients asked if we could help, to which it only took about 6-7 requests before we jumped into action.

These days we specialise in SEO Gold Coast, Web Design Gold Coast and Social Media solutions for businesses mainly in the small to medium marketplace.

We created out own reality and we are having the time of our lives. What are you doing to create yours?

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