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The internet consists of trillions of individual pieces of information, literately billions of new pieces of content are posted on the World Wide Web each day from every country in the world and in every language. Content is king because that is exactly what the internet is all about, storing content.

Companies like Google have very intricate programs using computer generated logarithms to read or “discover”and process this information so it is available when someone starts a search.

All the information people like to find, read and enjoy on the net, the different blogs, websites, pages, articles, and photos, in fact, everything posted on the internet regardless of whether you use a PC, laptop, smart, mobile phone or any other device needs to be classified and stored.

Anyone can post anything they want to the net, but if you want your content it to be discoverable by other people, it needs to meet the necessary criteria that the search engines are programmed to look for. The two most important of these are the overall quality of the content and the description or keywords you use so people can find your content. This is called SEO or site engine optimisation, in simple terms, it is using certain relevant words or phrases in your content to make it easy for search engines to find and categorize your content making it easy to find.

Content is king, having good quality interesting and informative content is very important in attracting people to your site. Always check everything before you post it on the net to ensure the content you upload is grammatically and factually accurate. It is also vitally important your content is original and not just copied from another source. Duplicate content where you post the same thing on different sites can reduce your overall ranking.

Whether you use the internet for entertainment, purely for communication or as a way of promoting yourself or business, it is important to attract quality visitors to your site and hold their interest. This is best achieved by offering high quality, value packed content that is relevant to the subject.

When someone visits or lands on your site, the first few seconds are very important They will assess your site based on first impressions almost instantly.

Does your site have visual appeal, is it interesting and easy to navigate? If they will usually bounce or click to another site of interest.

Content is King, why is it that many people do so often not write good content? Is it because they are lazy, because creating good content is not that difficult? So many websites are just the same old stuff rehashed or rewritten.

When you want to create your own high quality, original content for your web pages or blogs, start by deciding on a theme, the main message or idea that you want to convey to your readers. Write out a basic outline and consider any secondary relevant information you may want to include. Try adding references to substantiate any facts or statements you make.

If appropriate you can add some points of interest or humor to keep the article light and readable.

Edit the article and remove any irrelevant or superficial (boring and unimportant dribble) and make sure the article is easy to understand, then put it through a spelling, grammar and plagiarism checker.

A good tip for all copy is to have someone else read it before publishing to check for errors.

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