Does your business rank well online?

Does your company rank well in the Search Engine Results online?

Can people find your business online when they are searching? Why is this important?

Did you know that according to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics over 76% of Australian internet users shop online? That’s a MASSIVE number. Roughly out of the 15.4 million people online that’s 11.7 million online shoppers and the trend is increasing.

But is it just Online Retail that is growing? Are people using Google to search for services and then making their decisions based on those results only to contact these companies and approach them offline to make a purchase such as book an accountant or hire a car? Well according to PRNewswire up to 97% or Consumers research online before buying locally.

So, the facts are clear. Consumers buy online, they also research online before buying locally. The only questions are:

  1. Are you online and,
  2. Where do you rank?

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