Boost Your Local SEO Campaign with These Excellent Tips

Majority of businesses are limited within a specific geographical area. If you’re one of them then it clearly implies that your business website needs a targeted local traffic to increase sales.

With the rise of Smartphone and other mobile devices, people now have the power to access internet in their hands. Now, they can search for brands, products and services offered by business from anywhere. So, it has become quite important for your business with an online presence to concentrate more on local search and local SEO Campaign. You may have wondered that how your website can excel in this field.

Here are some steps to help you optimise your website considering the local search.

  • Include details about your location in site’s content

Though you may have about this before, but you’ll be amazed to know the high number of businesses who fail to inform where they are located. Your place is one of the most important things while you’re optimising for local search and include it throughout the content. In title, heading tags, meta-descriptions in the body of content you should include information about your town, city and state.

  • Responsive design is a must

A responsive website has become a synonym with a successful local SEO Campaign. Various types of devices are now being used to access websites and view pages. So, ensure that your business website look good and compatible on all types of devices. It’s important to note here that Google also give preference to websites having responsive design.

To know more about responsive design, you can read our blog:Why Responsive Web Design Will Become a Must Have in 2015.  

  • Mobile sitemap

Get your business website indexed on Google and other search engines at it will help them to find your site’s location. Create a separate mobile sitemap, if you’re willing to boost local search results. This will help mobile users to find your content easily through search engines.

  • Contact page

If you want your website to perform well in locally, then adding email address and telephone number will not be enough. Ensure that you provide the full address of your office, so that people can locate you easily using Google maps.

  • Improve your Google Plus profile

Engaging in Google Plus can be a good strategy to boost your local traffic as Google gives value to local search than any other search engine.

  • Submit in local directories

Local and business directories are an excellent way to ensure that users can find a business website within a small niche. Provide your basic information to relevant directories and you can even add photos and videos in local directories.

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