When you’re creating blogs then you want to rate well in search engines, there are a few things you have to do and a few things you must know:

  • Search Intent

The first and most important thing is to create original content that closely matches what people are searching for or search intent. If you can do this without including irrelevances then you’re bound to be a successful blogger

  • Why is SEO Important for Blogging?

Because the only realistic way to get a good organic ranking is to follow the Google SEO best practice guidelines

Sure, if you have a big budget you can use paid media ads and to give your site a jump start, but this only lasts as long as you keep paying for the as and the majority of searchers ignore paid adds as they do not trust them

By putting in the time and energy to create high quality, relevant SEO blog posts that answer people search questions and solve their problems, you will exponentially grow a good solid web following and customer base with a positive on flowing traffic volume

Taking the time to learn SEO and applying it correctly is an investment that will give you very good returns over time.

The vast majority of searchers use the search engines to find what they want which is why it’s vitally important to rate well in the search results.

On-page SEO Checklist

  • Keywords

When you have thought of an idea or theme for a blog you need to do some keyword research to find keywords that strongly relate to the topic, rank highly and easily;

You also need to understand the intent behind the use of the keyword as search engines are able to include content with a similar meaning with using the exact words

  • Optimise Titles and headings

Your titles, subtitles, headings and subheadings all need to be optimised

But don’t stuff your work with them, it’s important your work flows naturally is interesting and sounds right. Optinise your meta title and meta descriptions for the search crawlers

  • Insure Your URL’s are easily understood

Make sure your URL show searchers what the content is about and gives an idea of the content or they will bypass it for something with a description

  • Add imagery

Relevant and original, even humorous Imagery ads a new dimension to your blog that can help to engage your readers and followers as well as increase the time visitors spend on your blog which sends positive signals to search engine ranker’s.

It’s important to add descriptive alt text to all images so the crawlers understand what the images are about and optimise and reduce the image size for fast loading times

  • Link your blogs to you other relevant pages

Internal links to other relevant and interesting pages on your site will help keep your visitors longer and help crawlers understand your site intent and importance

Most searches are made on mobile devices with the most important searches for you are the ones made by searchers in your area, so SEO company in Gold Coast is vital for your blog and site. This is so your content ranks well in the local results and you are easily seen and found by your potential local audience.