Black Hat SEO Or White Hat SEO-What SEO Hat Should You Wear?

It’s said that a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts can wear different types of “hats”. The methods and philosophy of SEO that are used to optimise websites usually determine the colour of a hat. There are two types of SEO hats:

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

It’s quite important for you to understand the difference and the risks involved with these SEO hats. 

White Hat SEO      


  • This type of SEO focuses more on building quality content first. It is used to accomplish totally different types of goals, though it may also use automation and technology to build the websites. In White Hat SEO, content is written for people and for search engines. Instead of relying on automated programs, its focus is more on content and various marketing skills to achieve top rankings.
  • White Hat SEO experts understand that it takes time to achieve good search engine rankings and there’s simply no need to rush for quick results. Since quality and original content is considered valuable, this type of SEO gets more inbound links from other websites. You may have heard that ‘CONTENT IS KING’, so White Hat SEO is all about it.

By using White hat SEO techniques or tactics, your website’s visitors are more likely to convert into consumers, and there’s simply no risk of getting banned by the search engines.

Black Hat SEO         


  • It is also known as SEO spamming and its main intention is to trick the search engines to deliver low-quality and irrelevant search results, for a website that has little or no value.
  • It uses technology and automation to create many low-quality websites and also to get inbound links from other websites which we call as link spam. The goal of the Black Hat SEO is to lure the visitors to the website and redirecting them to the sales page of their products.
  • It’s all about getting quick results. Though these techniques may help your website to get to the top of the search engine results quite fast, but ultimately when the search engine becomes aware about this con, your website will crash or may even get banned. 

What type of SEO Hat you want to wear is simply determined by the goals and objectives you have. One should always choose for White hat SEO, focusing more on writing high quality content. It is advisable that you should not take big risks with your most valuable websites. For such valuable websites, a safe and long term SEO strategy should be implemented.

We have clients in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide in fact, all over Australia and New Zealand, but we never recommend them to use Black Hat SEO techniques. These can prove to be extremely damaging and dangerous for a website in which you have invested your resources.

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