Bing Latest Responsive Design for Image Search

Bing has announced its future plans to improve image search as part of its goals to enhance user experience. The initial steps toward these goals have features that are adaptable based on the user’s resolution, query and interaction. Optimisation for touchscreen devices is also included in this new release. 

You can visit Bing image search option from different devices to check the difference between the old and new versions.

Keeping responsive web design in mind, tablet devices have been given a key preference in the Bing image search service. Using their tablets, now people can swing through inline carousels in search results. The new format has been described by the search engine giant as “responsive, fast, and fluid.”

Bing has shared the following statement, when it came to mobile devices:

“Our mobile experience has already gone through similar changes and will feel very familiar to you after using this experience.”

The addition of Pinterest board searches was one of the most recent upgrades by Bing. This feature has proven to be the most popular along with exploration and refinement suggestions.

A mini-header has been added by Bing that will go down with the users screen whenever they scroll down. The reason behind designing this header is to provide a quick access without interrupting or hampering the search experience.

Following is the Bing’s take on this mini-header:         

“The suggestions that we display in the mini-header will change as you scroll through the inline carousels to give you access to what you last saw. You can always click the button on the right to rotate through the content — the dots represent the each available set of content in the order they appear on the page.”

Image hover feature is another update you need to watch out for. When the user hovers over the images, many of them will now include a search icon or a link.

Tips for Better Image Search Experience                    

Apart from providing new features, Bing has also given a deep input about its team efforts in making user searches across Gold Coast, Australia more successful and meaningful:  

  • Quality: Bing has focused more on providing relevant and high-quality image search results, no matter what the user is searching for. 
  • Actions: there are endless topics one can search about and many different ways to search them. Bing has provided tools that are needed to create an image match, filer results, and to create one-click Pinterest access.
  • Suggestions: People often find if quite difficult to scroll page after page in search of the images they are looking for. In order to help people find what they need, Bing provides a large set of search collections and suggestions.
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