8 Amazing Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Photoshop is an exciting photo editing software that has changed the whole web designing world. There are numerous tools and functions available in Photoshop that can edit your images magnificently. But, a number of people are unable to utilise these tools and function properly. Following are a few Photoshop tips and tricks that can make your work easier.

Photoshop software is the caviar of the photo editing world. It’s amazing and user-friendly software that can help you to do wonders with an image by using a variety of tools. It’s one the most preferred choice for web designers to conduct editing and adding creative expression in images.

However, a number of users find it a bit difficult to use the various tools and functions offered by this web designing software. Following are a few tips and tricks that can help you with web design campaigns.

  • Brighten Photos

For an image that is a bit dark and you want to brighten it up, then open it and press Shift+Control+N in order to make a new layer. Give it a title and after this change the Mode to Overlay. Then select “Fill with Overlay-neutral colour 50% grey” setting the exposure to around 25% by opening the Dodge Tool and select mid-tones, highlights, or shadows to enhance the range of light on the image. For intensifying the shadows use Burn Tool. 

  • Remove the Shiny Skin

While editing portraits, using the eyedropper tool you can choose a non-shiny area of the skin in the image and simply the shiny areas. You can use a simple brush which is set to 15% opacity. This will easily change the shiny parts to matte.

  • Easy Watermarks

A lot of time can be saved by turning a logo in into a brush preset, if you use it quite often. This can be done by going to Edit>Define Brush Preset and uploading the logo. 

  • Improve Vibrancy

For changing the dull images, you can duplicate the layer by pressing Command + J and then changing the new layer’s mode of blending to Hard Light. This will result in an amazing change in colour and vibrancy of the image.

  • Bird’s Eye View

When zoomed in close on one area, you can make a view in an image jump out to full screen instantly and then jump to another area. This can be done by holding down H and dragging in the image. To use Bird’s Eye View you should have an OpenCL video card.

  • Draw Straight Lines Using Paintbrush

It can prove to be a really hard task to draw straight lines across a photo, if you aren’t an expert. For that, all you need to do is while using the brush, just hold down the shift button and it will straighten the line automatically.

  • How to Remove the Circle Trail Effect in Paintbrush? 

You may have often found a circle trail of pixelated colour, while making a long stroke with the paintbrush. If you wish to make a smoother stroke, select a brush and click F5 to open it. Then, change the spacing from 25% to less than 7% by selecting Brush Tip Shape. You can save this brush and use it for the whole campaign.

  • Bonus Tip: Hire professional Help

If planning to start a website for your business, you can hire an expert designer on the Gold Coast, Australia. It is recommended that you should choose a professional, if you don’t have much idea about Photoshop and web designing.

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