5 Free Photo Editing Tools for People Who Don’t Want To Use Photoshop

There’s no obligation to that you have to use Photoshop to edit your images. There are a number of other exciting image editing tools that you can use in your web design campaigns. These are available for free and come with features that will help you in editing images as per your needs.

If you own a business website, blogs, or have accounts on social network sites you’re going to need some visuals. You will be able to convey your message in a more appealing way with the help of attractive images, no matter where you choose to tell the story.

To edit and fully enhance the photos as per the standards, there’s no need that you should master Photoshop. There are many other editing tools that can help you to achieve the desired goals for your web design campaigns. Following are a few free photo editing tools you can use.

  • Aviary Phoenix Phoenix by Aviary provides the main features needed in a desktop image editor. It has an amazing accessibility and simplicity of a web-based application. So, with the help of this application, you can import your photos from various social networking or sharing sites and give them an extra touch of excellence. Phoenix offers multiple features such as masks, different brushes, layers, effects and editing tools. It’s a highly preferred choice of professional web designers all over the Gold Coast, Australia.
  • IPiccy: iPiccy is the best photo editing tool for people who are new to web designing as it has many fun features to offer. The recent integration of Picnik into Google+, majority of people are switching sides and have started to use iPiccy as their next choice. Multiple editing features including resizing, rotating, cropping and sharpening are offered by this application.
  • Splashup: Splashup is dynamic and photo manager editing tool. Works in real-time, easy to use and comes with features like layers and layer blending and effects. With this software, you can easily edit multiple images at once. This type of feature is found only in premium photo editing applications. Splashup Light, is another version of this software that comes with standard tools such as resize, crop, rotate and various other important effects.
  • PicMonkey: It is an easy and highly intuitive tool for editing, in terms of style and simplicity you can find it quite similar to iPiccy. Apart from basic features like rotating, cropping, sharpening and adjustment, it also offers a plethora of frames, textures and filters as well. You can make excellent portrait photos with cool touch-up effects offered by PicMonkey. It has wrinkle remover, to blush boost to spray tan and other features also.
  • Pixlr: Online, desktop and mobile image editing services are offered by this application. It is the best choice and serves the requirements of both experienced and inexperienced users.  It has an intuitive design and paint features that has a history window for quick undo/redo and reference. Its user interface is fully customisable with scalable and movable windows. Pixlr offers a “Photo Express” platform which is used for quick simple changes to photographs.
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