Facebook ads are an important social media strategy on the Gold Coast when internet marketing because of thousands using FB locally, daily. You need to advertise where your potential customers are. Unfortunately, the majority of FB ads are not correctly used costing their owner’s a lot of money without providing the returns expected. This will quickly use up your advertising budget.

These are five common FB advertising mistakes to avoid ensuring your FB ads are cost effective and successful:

1- Targeting the Wrong Audience

For a marketing campaign to be successful you must target the right audience. FB has the advantage of being able to select the type of group you wish to target with your ads, so it’s vital to research and know your audience. Find out the other interests, demographics, average ages and behaviours of people who are likely to be interested in your product or service. Take a look at your past clients and customers to help build an ideal customer profile for building efficient FB social media ads on the Gold Coast

2- Under Utilising Analytical Tools

Tracking your advertising efforts is a great way to find out which of your ads are effective and which are not performing. Facebook Analytics are ideal for finding what going on and gaining a helpful insight. It should be used to fine tune your marketing strategy, but many fail to use it

3- Ignoring Your Custom Audiences

A vital audience you must be able to reach is those who have visited your site in the past, including anyone who has made purchases or inquiries at any of your landing pages. This is because they are what is termed warm leads, those you have already attracted in the past and have shown an interest in your products or services.

Often warm leads respond well to soft reminders or new offers and promotions as they are already familiar with your branding.

By knowing all about these potential customers, you can send them specific ads that are directed at them and other similar groups showing them just why your products or services will solve their particular set of problems

4- Keeping Track of Past Converts

If there is one thing that really wastes money is sending the same ads to people you have already converted. It also tends to make them blind to you in the future.

Creating a Custom Audience allows you to take advantage of the exclude option so your routine ads do not bother your existing customers, but you can still include them in special ads and offers

5- Designing Really Effective Ads

When you know and really understand your audience you can create really effective ads that appeal to them. Find out what ads work by testing different types. Often an add with less is more effective as there is only a split second to capture a visitors attention before they flip on, so make your adds catchy with a great visuals, not boring text that is unlikely to be read.

The biggest mistakes people make with Facebook ads when doing social media advertising on the Gold Coast is not knowing their audience and posting to the wrong people, including irrelevant content and not using Facebook Analytics properly.