Social media marketing campaigns on the Gold Coast are usually very successful because the majority of the predominantly younger population on the Gold Coast use a range of social media platforms on a daily basis. It’s been estimated that nine out of every ten businesses now use some type of social media marketing, whether in straight advertising or by publishing promotional content for anyone interested.

Five benefits of Social Media Marketing are:

1.      Improved Brand Recognition and Customer Loyalty

When people regularly see your brand on their social media sites, it helps to encourage them to feel more comfortable and accepting of your brand. When you engage with potential customers it helps to create brand credibility with those people becoming more likely to recommend your brand to family and friends.

Social media is an open platform where your customers can share and express their feelings and views about your service or products. Existing customers who experience a high level of satisfaction with your brand, tend to become loyal to your brand and this encourages new customers who are like to also become loyal to your branding.

2.     An Established Authority

There are different social media platform that works well for specific niches. It’s unlike that you need to be present on all social media in your area, but by posting regular, high value, astutely created and well-researched content that’s highly relevant to people interested in your industry and niche areas, you will soon become a recognised personality and authority on matters to do with your industry. The more people view and use information from your social media pages the more established your brand becomes.

3.       Better Targeting and Higher Conversion Rates

When you use social media, it’s much easier to target your potential market base and even narrow down your targeted area to local areas and in-marketing segments. You can get almost instant results and feedback which enables you to better cater directly to your audience and provide just what they actually need, not what you think they need, because they have the opportunity to tell you. This allows for much higher conversion rates as visitors become customers.

4.     Better Search Engine Results

Interacting with your potential customers and finding out what their problems are so you can provide the right solution and for full their needs on social media is a great way to attract new visitors. This gives you lots of unique high quality links that the search engines notice and respond to by increasing your SEO ratings and rankings.

5.     Reduced Marketing Costs

Marketing costs have always been a major expense for most businesses. Social media marketing costs are very low in comparison with any other type of marketing. Your local social media platforms are able to reach many times more potential customers than any other way of marketing and at a fraction of the cost, giving more action for dollars spent.

Social media marketing’s all about interacting with internet users who are searching for the types of products and services you’re promoting. It’s about appealing to their emotions as well as intellectual desires and providing the personal touch. Showing viewers your brand is their best option, giving them the best value and interacting with them.