3 Common SEO Lies

The SEO rules are viewed as the Holy Grail of internet marking, and it’s no shock for one to discover a huge number of myths, stories and inside that are not correct being spread about the procedure.

The inconvenience is, the point at which these deceptive thoughts get in the mainstream, genuine organizations begin tailing them. When they understand they took a wrong turn, it’s past the point of no return. The harm is done, and they’ve squandered time and, potentially, a great bit of cash simultaneously.

To help you dodge these very regular SEO lies, here are three of the most depressingly far-reaching misrepresentations.

1. A pre optimised website

Few business think that search engine optimisation of their website is done, when it is being designed, they go for the well written content stuffed with relevant keywords and think they are done with the SEO part, but believe me this will only help you out if your targeted market is a niche one and people only search specifically your product or services otherwise, this strategy won’t work for you.

2. Link building is dead

Link building never was or is dead, it will always help your website to attain higher authority and improve search engine visibility for your web site in organic searches if done naturally. The things you need to keep in mind is don’t be spammy with the links you build are not only for ranking a specific term and other thing is don’t purchase links

3. Targeting primary keyword only

This is something which is always missed by the new online business owners, which is absolutely wrong. What they do is, suppose we are in the business of “online marketing” and “web design” and we only focus for these two keywords, believe me if we or any business start focusing all our content written on these keywords. You will end up with nothing in hand at the end.

As you are  not the only one providing such services to this world, so try to mix it up with the country, state or suburb your are operating in this will not only improve you search visibility, but also increases the chances of conversions.

SEO is critical factor now for any business to improve online visibility, but this doesn’t mean that you need to follow all what you are told. SEO is all about having a step by step strategy through which business goals could be achieved. So listen to everything, but opt only for things that you think are right for your business.

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