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Most people understand the importance of SEO and how it’s all about text and keywords, but most do not realise that images have an important role to play as well. They are extremely important for user experience and one of the best ways to attract interest. Images deal with emotion and that’s one of the key SEO Tips and Important for SEO. A new webpage covered in text on a white background, gives the feeling that it’s boring not particularly trustworthy or memorable. In fact, studies show visitors are 80% more likely to read content with images. alt tag optimisation Having images adds emotion, and emotion is what attracts visitors. Your local SEO Service on the Gold Coast will be happy to show you how to achieve this in a tasteful and inviting way. Google’s algorithm is programmed to translate the behavior patterns of visitors to a site to determine their value for user experience. Visitor numbers and bounce rates are one of the ways search engines determine your site worthiness. If you have lots of visitors that bounce away, it is much worse than only having a few visitors if the majority stay and your bounce rate is very low. All images can be optimised and this I what the search engine crawlers will see, the text behind the image, text that you have specially created to give them the information you want them to see. Always only use relevant, high quality and interesting images   Using images that directly relate to the page contents is absolutely crucial in providing a user friendly page so visitors see at a glance that it’s worthy of further investigation. Using bad is imagery unprofessional. Just ensure every image has a clear relationship to what’s on the page and looks fantastic, looking good is ok for the opposition, but you need to be fantastic Customize the file name This is such an easy step, but amazingly most people just do not bother. Most visitors won’t even know the file name is there, but the search engines will always see it. Always create a customized filename before adding an image to your website. It needs to be relevant to the page contents, the image and your keywords If your web page is about a Swimwear and beach products you’re promoting, then the image should be named something like “brand-name” latest swimsuits on the Gold Coast Beach.jpg.  Use Alt tags Most visitors will not see the Alt tags, but the engine crawlers do. You need to provide alt text for every image that you have on your website. This will take the place of your image if a browser has trouble loading it and search engines will add it to their databases increasing your relevance and therefore credibility on subjects relating to anything that is on your page. The guys at SEO Services on the Gold Coast will be happy to explain how they can help you with this. Images are all about sharing information at a glance, the more interesting and relevant an image is, the more visitors will stay around to investigate it and your site. Adding value is the key and people want emotional stimulation from the sites they visit or they just find another.

Monthly Archives: March 2019

Internet marketing or digital marketing is the future of every business, whether you like it or not, you either get it together or you be left behind. It’s that simple. You really need to do it and do it right. If you don’t know, how then you need an expert to help set you up and get you going. This is where your SEO Agency on the Gold Coast can become your greatest asset. It used to be that people, to start a business had to invest in real estate, either buying or leasing a property in the right location and spending a large amount of money on building or fitting out their premises. Now with the internet for many businesses, this is not important, you only need a space somewhere for your product or maybe just your computer. There will always be retail shops, but those belong now to huge businesses. The small trader is fast moving to cyberspace where they can have a fantastic internet shop at a fraction of the cost and compete on an equal footing with the best. Internet marketing In this fast-paced and cutthroat arena of internet marketing you need to;
  1. Provide your users with a truly great experience
Your customer matters, they are your audience and you need to attract them and keep them entertained, inspire, amuse engage them with your brand name while they get to know and trust you need to give them a great user experience
  1. Original Creative Content
You need a fresh approach that contains unique, original, creative and captivating content. It must be relevant to your overall branding and especially your keywords and long-tail keywords. “Content is king” and it needs to be delivered cleanly and simply using the latest internet marketing techniques (which are far from simple) Great content is one of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings
  1. Social Media Platforms
Social media is where it begins for most people this is where you first start engaging your audience. Having a great social media presence is the key to leveraging your brand, giving it awareness and value. Having the right strategies will have a profound impact on your lead generation, conversions, search engine rankings and the most important thing your bottom line
  1. Video Marketing
A very important part of starting up your internet enterprise, is video marketing. Now that video is so easy, everyone now has a high definition video in their smartphones and whereas a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a million. This done right is the best way to get your message across
  1. Search Engine Optimisation
SEO or local search engine optimisation is and always will be the single most important aspect of internet marketing as this is how your customers find you. It’s like a searchlight in the dark the one who holds the torch is your local SEO Agency on The Gold Coast There is no doubt that the internet is the future of marketing and you need to spend as much of your resources as you can, to ensure you are starting ahead of the field and staying there. Money well invested in your future is money well spent.

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