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Now days almost everyone in business, has a website and there are also millions of non-commercial websites, so finding a particular website is becoming more difficult by the hour. The only quick way to discover the information you want is by looking for it and this is usually done by entering in a search query in your browser which is fine if you know what you’re looking for. But many people like to surf the net for interest and entertainment. These viewers are there for an emotional ride and if you satisfy these needs you will have a new follower. You may decide you want to bake a cake, so the most common thing is to search for a great recipe for chocolate cake. Once you have found the recipe, chances are that on that web page there will be other things that may attract you. Some will be directly related to cakes like how making fantastic healthy ice cream to go with your cake. Other items of interest could be an opportunity to get a huge discount on the latest slimmer’s diet or maybe a discount on a popular range of kitchen appliances. Often there will be ads for a great holiday or the latest fashion beachwear. Many of these are paid advertisements placed by a third party that others have paid for and have little to do with the site owner, but the point is this is an excellent way to attract interest in your site and you can use this idea to your advantage. Headlines Apart from interesting images, headlines are one of the most important ways to attract interest. Without a compelling headline, even the best blogs will be unnoticed. It pays to spend some time carefully considering your headlines and sub headlines so you get ones that help drive traffic, not send people to sleep. SEO Search engine optimisation is and always will be a very important part of a successful website, just as important as high quality valuable content, but it takes time to produce results, so you need to use other methods to be discoverable. Like social media, which is similar to word of mouth, advertising, press releases and blog posts to keep driving traffic your way. But just having traffic is not what you need,  you need quality traffic that stops, looks and hopefully takes action, not click through traffic, as this lowers your rankings. Growing your own quality referral traffic is an art and not just hit and miss. It is a fact that the quickest way to get good high quality is to have a huge advertising campaign and a properly designed and executed advertising campaign pay off, often handsomely, but it is very expensive and you have to have the resources to make it practical. Small to medium Companies For the average small business, it is very cost effective to outsource the management and design of your website to a professional website designing agency. They can do all the technical and promotional stuff as they have all the latest marketing and site building tools as well as local experience and insight to get the job done. But it’s up to you to provide content and a reason for people to want to engage with you on your site. This can be made presentable and SEO by your agency, but what about off site content and this is the point of this article. So how to go about getting self-referred traffic
  1. One of the best ways to do this is to be a guest blogging and getting involved in a positive and constructive way with other people’s websites. Guest blogging and making useful and helpful comments are sure ways to get you noticed and you can build high quality links and gain search traffic through the use of long-tailed keywords if you create content that is irresistible and begs people to link to.
  1. Invite other people in your niche to blog on your site, it’s a two way street, they will get many new readers and so will you. (But only pick quality sites and don’t use high quality content as Google search engines do not like low quality guest blogging).
  1. People want to be able to speak and express their ideas so having an open community discussion on your site is a great way to draw in new visitors and get new traffic.
  1. Post in sites like Linkedin, it is the world’s largest professional social network and regularly posting high quality content is a great way to boost your own site’s traffic and improve your branding.
  1. Long tail keywords are important as they account for the majority of web searches so should be embedded in your content where possible as long as you are not just keyword stuffing as this can detract from the content quality and search engines do not like it.
  1. Email marketing has long been a powerful way of attracting new traffic by advising existing customers of new products and services of interest. Bur never spam or bombard with emails or they soon opt out.
  1. Ensure that your whole internet presence is accessible and comfortable for users of all devices as the majority of web searches are now on hand held devices. If the experience of being on your site is not fast and enjoyable they will leave quickly.
  1. Be sure to examine and correctly understand your analytics data as it can help you with almost every area of your site, especially showing the most popular pages and those that need to be revised or removed. You will be able to tell which pages and posts are most popular so you better understand your users wants and needs.
  1. Consider submitting your content to aggregator sites like Reddit, if they find your content to be original, of high quality and useful or will provide value to users they may accept it and then watch the quality traffic pour in, but do not try to spam or send them illegitimate links, it won’t work.
Whatever strategies you decide to use it is important to be consistent in only one area and that is providing high quality, original content that gives people value and interest while appealing to their emotions, in all other areas variety is the spice of life so mix it up. For more traffic, don’t be boring, try different ideas and approaches and while being concise and precise. People want value, entertainment and information, so providing both is a winning combination, use guest spots on other blogs and websites and place relevant comments to create quality traffic.

Monthly Archives: September 2018

Having a great website that people like and can easily find is the key to internet marketing success and it is the goal of all webmasters and business owners; unfortunately, there are many websites that just do not make the grade. The fact is that SEO or search engine optimisation is an obtainable goal for any website or piece of content if you have the knowledge and know how to obtain it. Google’s algorithms are aimed principally at helping people when they initiate searchers to find high quality, relevant websites by reducing the rankings of sites that have low quality content, content that is not relevant or duplicated. SEO Gold Coast Your website or content rankings can fluctuate for many reasons; mostly it’s due to human error and can be prevented. Sometimes it’s just because another site has better content than yours or another site has a better set of keywords that help more people find it than yours. One of the things that determine ranking is the number of high quality organic (Unpaid) visitor you have to your site. When you have a lot of traffic or people clicking on your website and then bouncing off again quickly it indicates to the search engines that there is a probably a problem with your site. It is far better to have fewer high quality visitors (site visitors that stay for a few minutes or more) than lots of traffic that bounce away quickly (under 20 seconds). The top ranking sites have the majority of their visitors staying on their site for more than 2 to 3 minutes and a high number of return visitors. This indicates to Google search engines that your site is providing value to its visitors and if your site is relevant to its site description (this means if your site is about homemade chocolate and talks only about homemade chocolate, not side tracked with something that’s off the subject) it has a much better chance of a high ranking. Some reasons website can have a lower ranking are:
  • You’re tracking the wrong keywords Some Keywords are over used and can apply to many different topics, so more specific keywords or more site descriptive key words or keyword phrases (long-tail keywords) may be/would be more appropriate.
  • You have low quality content. This can be because your content is not well written, contains grammatical or typo errors, is too similar to other sites, is not factually accurate, is not relevant to the topic description or just not interesting.
  • There are many low quality links. When search engines first started out rankings were awarded on site titles and descriptions, as the first algorithms were much simpler. Any links a site had counted to improving its ratings, but because some webmasters started buying low quality leads so Google search engines started to examine the leads and penalize sites with low quality leads as this was defeating the goal of the search engines in making high quality content more available to searchers.

If your backlinks are genuine and legitimate (made by visitors who want your content and not purchased, traded or swapped) then they are extremely advantageous, if not then they are a huge disadvantage and should be removed.

  • You are using a low quality hosting company. As in all things if you decided to do thing cheaply you can only expect a cheaper result. There are many hosting sites that do not offer the best services so it is important to go for a high quality hosting company. There are many available and some are better suited for different types of internet marketing sites than others so do some research to find the best one for you and read their (unpaid) reviews.
  • Recent Google Algorithm updates. Google makes updates to its algorithm regularly and they often do not explain exactly what the update is about or the reason why they are making these updates. The most logical explanation is that Google it there for their clients and people who are searching for information, they are trying to make the experiences of finding the exact information a person wants as fast and enjoyable and experience as possible.

Google rewards people who have a straight up honest, high quality website with relevant and interesting content by awarding them a high place in the rankings. If your website is technically perfect and you follow all the Google guidelines, then you can expect to get a good ranking. Nothing is guaranteed as the final say on your ranking rests with the number of good votes you get or the number of people who click on your website and stay there because you are providing them value and a reason to stay there as well as visiting you 2 or more times.

  • Slow loading pages. Because slow loading pages often cause searchers to bounce to another site having a site or pages on your site that are slow loading the search engines will get bad signals so do whatever it takes to improve your speed, the faster your site the better chances of a high ranking.
  • Has your site had a recent update.  Sometimes when updating a site someone could inadvertently trigger a SEO failure? WordPress sites are regularly subject to system wide updates and sometime these could trigger a SEO problem.
There are a variety of reasons a site does not get the ranking it may deserve, usually, the problem can be rectified by checking everything, especially content, but without analyzing, scaling and optimising your whole site including your SEO strategy everything will be unpredictable and random.

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