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Well, no I do not really think I am the smartest man in Australia; I will leave that honor up to another. My name is Chris Bindley and I am an expert on SEO and web design. As an experiment and to show what is possible with the internet and SEO, I placed this web page on the net on May 19th. 2018. You can see for yourself if you place “The smartest man in Australia” in your google browser as I have just done on this day, the 8th 0r 9th entry on the first page of a Google browser search on Saturday 21/7/2018 has come up with “The smartest man in Australia | SEO Expert Gold Coast - Chris Bindley” so you can say that this is almost true, it has to be as Google said it is (HA HA). We all know that just because something is posted on the internet that does not make it the truth, although it could be! Well, yes, this question is up for debate and if I put it to the vote, well who knows, but the point of this web page is not to prove I am the smartest man in Australia, but to show that your message, whatever that may be, can be successfully shared to or with anyone who is interested in the subject matter of your content. In this case who is the smartest man in Australia? You can virtually write about any subject you know a little about whether is factual or fictional, as long as you use high-quality content and ensure that it is grammatically correct and original, you will find it is acceptable to the search engines. If you are careful about choosing the right title tags and keywords and then build as many high-quality backlinks to your content as possible, the new web page you have created will rank high on the different search engines. This means when someone puts any of your chosen keywords into their browser they will find your content. Of course, anyone who tells you they can consistently put you right on the top of the page is just showing they do not really understand what SEO is all about. The internet and search engine optimisation, is, by nature organic, they are intertwined and inseparable, a very complicated series of intricate programs using computer generated logarithms, meaning that they are not controllable, nor can they give results that are 100% guaranteed. You can become very successful with mastering your website, if you take the time to learn and follow the rules laid out by Google in their free programs that are designed to help you master the different aspects of creating discoverable content and running a successful promotion campaign Some of the free programs are “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”, “The Google Adwords Keyword Planner and for all things SEO”, “The Google Search Console” and apps like Google Analytics will help you get good ratings with the search engine and help to give you optimum internet visibility. The old story that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys is true also for everything you do on the internet. You can save a few dollars and do it yourself if you have the time. Maybe get the computer whiz-kid down the road to help get things going, but if you really want your site and business to blossom get the help from a SEO internet expert. And then, just maybe, you can consider yourself one of the smartest men in Australia

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The internet has flung the doors of most businesses wide open, regardless whether you’re offering products or services, the traditional roles of sales people and management teams have changed. With the death of the traditional BDM (Business Development Manager), a new era of sales and business promotion has dawned. Most people now have 24/7 access to the internet and are able to examine your products or services as well as those of your competitors at their leisure This has caused the emphasis of sales management to naturally change. Instead of the traditional approach with sales teams trying to entice and convince customers to buy their merchandise the new sales systems are dealing with well-informed people who have pretty well made up their minds about what they want to purchase and which service or store is best for them. The old style of door knocking and handing out leaflets as well as high pressure sales personal trying to persuade customers to buy items has in most modern successful businesses given way to internet marketing. The new style of internet marketing has caused the death of the traditional BDM the newer techniques involve proactive websites where customers can look at all the available options and ask questions without feeling intimidated or pressured. Having all the product details as well as prices right on hand and knowing that what they are seeing is the latest and most up to date version of the products they are interested. All this information gives the customers a real freedom of choice. The advantages of having a business with a good internet presence are not only on the side of the customer, the retailer or business owner also has a huge advantage over their predecessors as they can offer a much larger range of products and variations of those products without having to have the stock on hand. This will allow business premises to be smaller and more compact, saving in rents and other overheads as any required stock can be distributed directly from the warehouses. The need for staff can be reduced considerably and the main sales promotion can be, once set up, almost self-help over the web. A Business development manager and the associated sales team that goes with it along with their wages and commissions can run into many thousands of dollars each month with a very limited or unpredictable result. With internet marketing using the latest techniques and a program developed by a local web developer, a marketing campaign that is targeted directly at the people who are already looking for your type of product or service can be instigated. The bottom line for all business, the return on total investment, is the most important consideration and one that concerns most business owners. It is far more realistic to spend your promotion budget on a program where you can see a definite result from each dollar spent. Having a proactive SEO website, that is also optimised for the local area that your business serves will give you the best chance of becoming the most successful business in your field. If you were to also run a campaign based on the word choices that research has shown is best suited for your potential customers, using the keywords they are likely to use when looking for the types of products you are selling, you have an affordable recipe for success.

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For many people, having a profitable enterprise on the web can be a complex and sometimes daunting prospect, especially for those who are just starting out. In order to have a high search rating, you need to make sure you have content that is of high quality and accurate with no grammatical mistakes. But like the artist who paints wonderful paintings and never exhibits them, instead just keeps them at home, it makes it hard to sell any, as very few people will see them. To get traffic to your website, you need to make it accessible, in the same way as content is king on the internet, backlinks are Queen. This is because backlinks are the only way people can find your site without your addresss. So just what are backlinks? When a website connects to or with another site, it forms a link or a pathway, this is the only way for search engines to find you. The World Wide Web was named because of these links between websites and web pages that create a web of links. When a new website is created it needs to be submitted to Google. If this is not done and there are no links to it, then it can not be found, essentially it is not part of the WWW. As soon as another site links to your new site it joins it to the web through that link and makes it possible for the search engines to discover your site and make it findable by others. Sometimes, especially on a new website, it can be time consuming to get good backlinks, they do not just appear because you have great content, a pretty website or do something newsworthy. Although creating or earning backlinks is essential some backlinks are more valuable than others, when you get backlinks from popular and trustworthy high authority sites they are much more valuable than those from low volume, low authority sites. Backlinks are considered Queen because they signal to the different search engines that other web users and sites vouch for your content. The more sites that link to the same web page the higher the chances of search engines inferring that a page is worth a higher rating in the search engine and internet visibility. There are a few ways of getting good backlinks for a website:
  • Google Alerts is a good way to find sites that mention your business or brand, when you come across one without a link, send them a friendly email
  • Place interesting stories on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube etc and include your brand or business name so people can like to you for more content
  • Give your story to the local radio, TV or Newspaper, they like local success stories and may feature yours
  • Be active reading other peoples blogs and web pages that are in similar fields to yours and contribute in guest sports, enter competitions and reply to relevant comments
  • Link to all sites that are relevant to your site and fields of expertise
Make sure you stay up to date with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines regarding building backlinks and their restrictions as they can penalize you and de-index your web pages and content. For those who do not understand SEO are not up to date with the latest methods or just do not have time to spend building quality links it is worthwhile engaging a SEO Expert to do it for you

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The internet consists of trillions of individual pieces of information, literately billions of new pieces of content are posted on the World Wide Web each day from every country in the world and in every language. Content is king because that is exactly what the internet is all about, storing content. Companies like Google have very intricate programs using computer generated logarithms to read or “discover”and process this information so it is available when someone starts a search. All the information people like to find, read and enjoy on the net, the different blogs, websites, pages, articles, and photos, in fact, everything posted on the internet regardless of whether you use a PC, laptop, smart, mobile phone or any other device needs to be classified and stored. Anyone can post anything they want to the net, but if you want your content it to be discoverable by other people, it needs to meet the necessary criteria that the search engines are programmed to look for. The two most important of these are the overall quality of the content and the description or keywords you use so people can find your content. This is called SEO or site engine optimisation, in simple terms, it is using certain relevant words or phrases in your content to make it easy for search engines to find and categorize your content making it easy to find. Content is king, having good quality interesting and informative content is very important in attracting people to your site. Always check everything before you post it on the net to ensure the content you upload is grammatically and factually accurate. It is also vitally important your content is original and not just copied from another source. Duplicate content where you post the same thing on different sites can reduce your overall ranking. Whether you use the internet for entertainment, purely for communication or as a way of promoting yourself or business, it is important to attract quality visitors to your site and hold their interest. This is best achieved by offering high quality, value packed content that is relevant to the subject. When someone visits or lands on your site, the first few seconds are very important They will assess your site based on first impressions almost instantly. Does your site have visual appeal, is it interesting and easy to navigate? If they will usually bounce or click to another site of interest. Content is King, why is it that many people do so often not write good content? Is it because they are lazy, because creating good content is not that difficult? So many websites are just the same old stuff rehashed or rewritten. When you want to create your own high quality, original content for your web pages or blogs, start by deciding on a theme, the main message or idea that you want to convey to your readers. Write out a basic outline and consider any secondary relevant information you may want to include. Try adding references to substantiate any facts or statements you make. If appropriate you can add some points of interest or humor to keep the article light and readable. Edit the article and remove any irrelevant or superficial (boring and unimportant dribble) and make sure the article is easy to understand, then put it through a spelling, grammar and plagiarism checker. A good tip for all copy is to have someone else read it before publishing to check for errors.

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We had some real fun with this one. Crossfit Carv is our local Crossfit box based in Burleigh Heads and when we were asked if we could build a website for them we were really happy to create something special for the team. They wanted a basic website but we knew that the website had to be simple, clean, easy to navigate but also it needed to showcase their skills as a team. We hope we did Crossfit Carv justice. www.crossfitcarv.com

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Today a business, regardless of what products or services if promotes and sells needs a website. This is not only gives you and your business an internet presence, but displays and highlights all your products or outlines the services you provide in the best possible ways. This can involve detailed and beautiful images and videos in a virtual showroom on the net, giving your customers a total package and complete product disclosure that helps to build confidence in both you and your products. Today’s technology allows you to have a responsive web design that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with a potential market of over 2 billion worldwide customers to visit your site. Many people find that having a website is a huge expense and drain on their finances and more importantly time, with very little result in terms of sales or revenue. What they do not understand is that a website should not be like a sales brochure, but it needs to be responsive. Your website needs to be your main sales asset, not an expense or inconvenience. There is very little point in spending a lot of time and money on a website that is not responsive and set up to encourage visitors to take action, generate leads or make sales. A responsive website need not be expensive and does not need lots of thrills, but it must have the means to get people to willingly take action by providing their email address or phone number in exchange for something like an obligation free prize, a give away sample or a good discount, maybe printing out a coupon, asking direct questions or even making a purchase. This is the difference between an old non productive web site and a response website. Many people before they make a purchase will check out your website to see if there is any advantage of purchasing from you rather than somewhere else. A responsive website will be able to answer all their questions in an easy and low keyed way that gives them a reason to want to buy from you. Web design on the Gold Coast is set up to do this for you and take the hard work out of redesigning your old site and making it responsive or developing a new website for you. Purchasing good advertising space is expensive, whether it is in local newspapers, radio, billboards, TV or magazines. But a proper Responsive web design by a Web design agency in the Gold Coast is so cost effective as it combines the latest Local SEO with your own responsive website specifically designed to have local appeal and relate to those customers and potential customers in your area. You can for very little cost have a virtual showroom or even an interactive showroom with your own full page interchangeable ads that are strategically developed for your unique website, giving you a real online presence that meets the needs and expectations of your customers. Many people just do not appreciate the tremendous cost savings of having an online showroom with its associated reduced labour costs and need for extensive retail premises in expensive locations. A well designed response website helps to promote and build customer trust and satisfaction and as any retailer will tell you positive word of mouth is money in the bank. Another very important part of a responsive website is a making sure you have a quick response to any queries or questions that your websites email or instant chat can answer to give a feeling to the customers of total satisfaction from your site.

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When running a paid social media campaign three major things to look for to ensure value for the dollars you spend and are reaching the right audience is:
  1. Taking the right approach to media marketing depends on your product or service. If you aim your campaign for a certain group of people or people living in a specific location such as paid social media, Gold Coast then this is aimed at people who live in the Gold Coast. There is little point in finding traffic in Hobart, Perth or another country, you are paying for engagement (every time someone sees your add) so this can become expensive.
If your service or product is not area specific, then adopt a strategy that grows as your business grows with social media becoming more important in the right marketing areas to be effective. An advertising campaign on Facebook is usually seen by people in browse mode, they will often take longer to decide to buy. These Facebook campaigns are often most effective if focused on first giving your site visitors an emotionally creative experience and introducing a low keyed sales pitch or sales funnel. Videos are especially effective for creating visitor interest and promoting your product or service, allowing you to bring traffic to your site so you can engage your visitors and learn more about them. It also allows you to monitor their positive responses and further cater for their needs. Seeing your ad several times helps with recognition and eventual response, but overexposure will cause views to drop off as people will stop noticing it. It is important to decide on the result that you want to achieve when running a social media campaign.
  1. Build the best possible ads with catchy headlines and great graphics or images and try different variations as different audiences can react differently.
The amount of text in images should be kept to a minimum as this can drive up your costs. Use emoticons and have a call to action tastefully located on all pages. Hashtags are good, but use them carefully as they tend to make navigating your site harder and therefore lower your visitor enjoyment and conversion rates. Social media is mostly about popularity and engagement so reuse your old posts and adds to preserve your previous engagements. Always remember that quality content is paramount to success. All major social networks have a range of advertising options for you to choose from, but they may not all be the right fit for you so look for networks that are compatible and suitable for your product.
  • LinkedIn ads are best for business to business marketing
  • Facebook for Audience consideration
  • Pinterest ads help to build a brand awareness, create audience engagement and bring traffic to your site
  • YouTube ads help to grow your subscriber base, attract new viewers; build your branding and drive new traffic.
  • Instagram is becoming important for promoting to the middle-aged and older set
When starting out in a new social media site start small and remember that what works in one social media network may not work in another
  1. The final important aspect of internet marketing on any site, but especially on social media is the speed of your site response. The majority of people using social media are now using handheld devices such as smart phones or tablets. Studies have shown the majority of people will not wait more than a few seconds for a response and 4 a second delay can cost you a substantial amount of visitors.

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Many creative people producing high quality products or services have found once they start a business that it is very hard to use digital marketing to find clients and sales. A few years ago, it was relatively simple and there was little competition because it was all so new, it was as simple as deciding to target a keyword phrase such as marketing agency gold coast but times have changed. Today and for the future having a good solid internet presence is vital for the success of all business. Unfortunately the “do it yourself internet marketing” is now virtually a thing of the past, while it can be successfully done it takes so much time to learn properly and get it right that you are better picking the right marketing agency to do it for you. It is very obvious that all clients want Marketing agencies on the gold coast to make their websites and products “go viral”, but the reality is that it is just not possible for this to happen except by a fluke, although with careful screening and a little groundwork you can find a marketing agency that is right for you and your product so your business will really take off So what do you look for:
  1. First is to see is their experience in similar marketing areas. Often an older firm will have the experience, but may be stuck in their ways and not so able to adapt to the latest ideas and trends. See the company’ culture and see if their ideals are aligned with yours. A company that is purely result driven is not necessarily the right company for you as internet marketing is about emotions (those your product or advertising provokes) as much as anything.
Many companies make fantastic guarantees that are not realistic and tend to overpromise results and experience. Recognize that digital marketing is an area that is organic and always changing. Talk with the staff that will be handling your account and if you feel confident with them and can really communicate with them use your gut feeling and go with the ones who feel right for you and seem to understand your business. Ask for references and view their actual work. Do not go with online reviews as they are usually paid for and questionable
  1. Look at the way they will go about approaching marketing your business and which steps they will take for your business.
Ask if they have built in steps to check the progress and effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they undertake for you. Find out how often they will talk with you and when you will get reports and see the ongoing results of their work. There are other firms, so talk with different marketing agencies on the Gold Coast and get their ideas and ask them just what they will do for you that is different, that will make your situation or product standout and become a hot seller.
  1. Talk in depth about cost and fee structures they propose, ask them to make it very clear about payments and just what milestones or accomplishments they guarantee for those payments.
Talk with them about any retainers that they require and about what happens if they fail to reach the expected or promised goals of the campaigns they undertake on your behalf. Be realistic, but reject any firm that demands a large retainer, there are some firms that make promises and never deliver. Many firms have hidden small print so check it out thoroughly and anything you do not understand, ask for clarification in simple terms or seek legal advice before signing anything.

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The SEO industry has become a tricky area in the marketing world today! However, we are completely aware of the fact the there’s a need of process that can help us to be found on search engines. We also know that there’s no need to act “smart” with Google’s algorithm. Acting extra “smart” might lead us into a totally wrong direction and possibly increasing the chance of getting penalised by various search engines.

The greater we speak about search engine optimisation, the fewer we appear to know it—which makes it quite crucial to go back and revisit the fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Our goal is simple – all we want is that our targeted consumers can find us easily in search. Search Engine Optimisation teaches us how to become expert logistically and technically so that we can excel in this process of discovery.

Simply because Search engine optimisation is such a tricky process, it might be challenging to explain something is correct or not. However, you should go for a SEO check, if you discover these signs:

  • You Observe An Unexpected Drop In Targeted Visitors

An unexpected fall in the number of website visitors may clearly mean that Google is facing difficulties in indexing or has penalised the website. To sort out this issue, you can take 2 steps – first is to consider the complete volume of site traffic that is being generated and second is to create a landing page report to figure out search impressions. In case you observe a big decrease in number of visitors, but no difference in the search visibility, then the problem isn’t connected with search engine optimisation.

Top Reasons To Have An SEO Check Of Your Website Today

However, if there’s a fall in landing page impressions, then align the drops in the number of visitors with the dates of the last crawl made by Google or any other search engine. There you can check the recent alterations made to your site, which might have affected your search engine optimisation.

  • Branded Or Long-Tail Keywords Aren’t Performing Well

There might be some sort of technical problem in your website, if you aren’t performing well with branded or long-tail keywords. Hire a SEO Gold Coast based expert, who can perform a technical SEO audit immediately. If you’re unable to find an exact issue, then there’s a chance that you might be facing a Google penalty. However, an expert SEO Gold Coast based firm can help you in dealing with such types of issues.

  • Low Or No Engagement On The Website

If your site isn’t responsive or optimised for mobile then you might witness a drop in the traffic of mobile users. There can be frictions and longer load times that can affect your consumer base to a great extent. Hire SEO Gold Coast expert who can help you in managing your website in a lot better way.

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