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Over the last few years, small businesses have increased investment in online marketing and websites. People have realised that online marketing can provide low cost, minimum risk, and high returns for their businesses. But you may wonder about the sources from where your Website Traffic can be generated.

Here is a short description of four major types of traffic sources:

  • SEO and Organic Search Results

The purpose of SEO is to improve a website rankings and organic positioning on search engine results page (SERP) of major search engines. In any SEO campaign you need to be patient right from the start, investing time and money to generate favourable results.

If done properly without breaking any rules (Avoid using Black Hat SEO), then SEO and organic traffic can prove to be more fruitful and highly effective in the long run. Instead of viewing SEO and PPC (explained below) as competition, you should use both of these techniques in conjunction to generate high traffic.

To know more about Black Hat SEO, you can read our blog post: Black Hat SEO Or White Hat SEO-What SEO Hat Should You Wear?

  • Paid Traffic

Ad Words, Remarketing, Facebook ads etc comes under this segment. Through paid traffic, you can access the major online positions for ads of your business as it considered highly relevant for audiences. Social media ads, Google Adwords, and different remarketing providers generally qualify for paid traffic.

Since there’s a cost involved for every click, therefore generating an effective conversion rate is given quite importance as it provides a good return on investment. One of the best things about paid traffic is access to data that helps to measure success accurately.

  • Content Marketing

People often see content marketing as a way to improve organic SEO rankings of their websites. However, if content marketing is done in a proper manner then it can become an excellent source of links and referral traffic. Blog is an ideal place to start content marketing as websites that have blog page receive more visitors and inbound links.

Original and fresh content is given quite high priority by Google and all the other major search engines. So, focusing on content marketing with unique and quality content can surely prove to be quite fruitful in bringing more traffic for your business website.

  • Social Media Platforms

Don’t get confused here with paid social media ads. Social media platforms are an excellent place to encourage a whole targeted community with similar needs to visit your business website. With social media, you can build relationships with your consumers by promoting your products & services. This results in high quality traffic because visitors are already aware about your products & services to some extent.

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On 21st April 2015, Google rolled out its Mobile Friendly Update. Here are some answers to various questions about Google’ Mobile Friendly Update that may be worrying you for a while.

We have alerted you in March about this Mobilegeddon update.

  • What is this ‘Mobilegeddon’?

By introducing an algorithm update, Google has decided to clean up its mobile rankings. The update will be penalising websites that don’t provide a good mobile experience to its visitors. You can say that responsive sites or those that have a mobile version of their websites will become prominent in mobile search results. On the other hand, the websites that fail to do so will see a major fall in their mobile rankings.

  • Will this update affect tablets also?

The answer will be a firm No, as for now the update will only be affecting the mobile search results. But, tablets could be next, depending on its success.

  • Why Google rolled out this update?

According to Google, this update will help people to find more mobile-friendly content.

There has been a considerable rise in the traffic coming from mobile devices and it’s expected that there will be high growth in coming years. Now, Google will be ranking websites high that have better usability, relevant content and strive to get higher positions.

  • How bad will be the impact?

There’s a strong chance that your website’s ranks may come down compared to your competitors whose websites are better optimised than yours. Google has stated earlier that -”The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal - so even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank high if it has great content for the query”.

So, this may mean that this update may have even a bigger impact than previous updates by Google. This update can prove to be bigger than Penguin or Panda updates which focus only on penalising websites on the basis of bad links and bad content.

On the other hand, the ‘Mobilegeddon’ will be penalising website for not having a mobile friendly or responsive deign. So, even if you’re not indulged in any wrongful SEO activities, you’ll be penalised heavily for not having a mobile friendly website.

  • What should be done to check the effects?

Google Webmaster Tools are offering a Mobile Friendly Test that can help you to determine whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

Conclusion: With the great rise of Smartphone, there is simply no valid argument why brands shouldn’t go for a mobile-friendly site. Here’s a video

that will help you to understand this Google update in a better way.

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If you know anything about website analytics then you might be aware of a metric known as “bounce rate.” It is the percentage of people who leave after just visiting one page of your website. If your website has a low bounce rate then it surely means that people are not only just visiting your website, but they’re also engaged & exploring it.

So, it clearly means that if your website has a high bounce rate then you’re surely doing something wrong. It means that visitors are coming for sure, but they’re leaving the website without any interaction or engagement. Around 60-70% is considered as normal bounce rate for websites and it means that more than half visitors leave the website after just viewing the first page.

Here are some web design tips to lower your website’s bounce rate by engaging the visitors.

  • Have an Eye-Catching Web Design

You may find it a bit weird to hear, but sometimes the simplest designs are the most eye-catching. Take websites of bigger brands as an example, like Apple. By visiting their site, you’ll see clean, simple and sleek design; still the web design is attractive and pulls the users towards it. If you keep the design of the website clean & simple then it provides the visitors the much needed time and space to explore the site. The will naturally inclined towards the website, if its design is aesthetically pleasant.

  • Enhance the Personality of Your Brand

Having a simple design doesn’t means that you should have a cold and boring web design, instead you should attach your brand and company’s personality in the site. Use the right colours that represent the face of your brand and create content on every page that goes well with your brand.

  • Content Should Target Visitors

Every page of your website should be able to connect with the objective of the user through its content. Each web page should have the content for which the users are visiting your site. Avoid similar content for every page and provide exclusive & focused content to the users. Provide free information to the visitors in form of blogs, articles, newsletter, eBooks etc.  

  • Give Importance to Photos, Videos and Headings

Avoid keeping huge blocks of content on any web page instead you should break the page up into small pieces. Proper placement of heading and sub headings is quite important, and you can also try to keep the same font type on every web page. Add relevant images and videos to attract the visitors and to keep them glued to your website.

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Here are some Local SEO trends that can prove helpful for your business with time. Have a look.

  • Online search for local business is up

With each passing year, there has been a huge rise in the online searches made by people. The important point to note here is that most of these searches were made keeping in mind the local market. The search for local products and services has nearly doubled in last few years. This clearly indicates that people are using search engines to find what they’re looking for in local market.

  • Search engines are becoming a preferred choice to search for local businesses

Nowadays, local consumers are using Internet on a large scale to find out the information they’re seeking locally. Use of paper directories has declined notably and depend on internet has become abundant.

  • The targeted and approach timeliness

The best time to connect with consumers is when they’re looking for the products and services offered by you. With help of a Local SEO campaign that is targeted towards the local consumers, you can reach the potential buyers at the exact moment when they’re searching for information related to your business.

  • Searches made by using Smartphone or mobile

Almost all the big business houses are focusing more on mobile searches and they have even created their own ‘apps’, making it easier for users to reach them. The local market is not behind in capturing this trend of focusing more on traffic coming from mobile searches. So, you need to focus more on the increasing power of mobile phones to bring in consumers for your products and services.

To know more about Mobile Search, you can read our blog post: Ignoring Mobile? You Must be Out of Your Mind.

  • Excellent ROI

In local SEO, you’ll be wasting quite a little exposure, unlike old or traditional advertising strategies. This makes Local SEO highly effective and cost-effective as well because your consumers reach only when they need your products and services.

  • Not many businesses have Google’s local listings

Even with the huge rise of online marketing, many people have failed to recognise its value, and only around 10% local businesses have any presence at Google Places. This provides you an excellent opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and grab the online market. Start your Local SEO campaign today, before the market becomes tough.

  • SEO offers highest conversion levels                          

Compared to any other traditional local advertising channels, highest conversion is offered by local directory marketing. On some directories conversion is up to 50% which implies that out of two leads, one can be converted into an actual consumer.

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You should never make a mistake to consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a secondary task. To meet rising consumer demands and new standards, you need to keep search engine optimisation in mind whenever you are planning to build a new website or updating an old one.

To ensure the success of your website, you need to hire an expert SEO consultant who is well aware of different SEO techniques used to generate traffic by improving search engine ranks. For a newly built website, SEO expert will take a different approach to deliver better results from the campaign.

Here are some important things you should consider to build a well optimised website:

  • Keep Simple Coding

Various types of coding languages and standards offer numerous ways to build a website and achieve desired goals. However, you should be aware of the fact that not all these ways are good options for creating your website. Be careful to avoid code bloat while designing the layout of the website as it may damage it critically. Ensure that unnecessary codes are avoided as it will make the website highly user-friendly and favourable to all SEO standards. 

  • Do Blogging

While searching the information about SEO, you’ll surely hear a lot about content. So, you need to create a huge amount of unique, informative and highly content whenever possible. By integrating a blog on your website, you’ll built authority by creating fresh content which eventually makes your brand more approachable and personable.

  • Be Consistent

Remember that consistency is the key when it’s about style and coding of content and pages. You can establish your brand and website maintenance will be easier by being consistent across the website. By following a consistent pattern, you reduce the chances of multiple mistakes in your website such as breaking the flow or misplaced content. This may happen more when a website is being viewed on various devices or platforms.

  • Speed Should Be Guaranteed

Your website’s performance is highly impacted by the speed at which it loads and can be browsed. You can easily impress your site visitors, if it can be browsed faster. In terms of SEO, websites loading fast tend to perform better in search results on various search engines. You can ensure high speed for your website by minimizing CSS, and HTML files, keeping the codes simple, avoiding heavy images and elements that take time to load.

  • Responsive design

This has become a must have in 2015. To know more about responsive design, read our blog post: Why Use Responsive Website Design in 2015.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is surely one of the best methods to increase the traffic of your business or personal website. Majority of online businesses are now focusing more to enhance their coverage and reputation which automatically brings profit and success. So, you need to focus more on what you’re presenting to the users as it’s directly linked with your online success.

On-site and off-site are two types of concepts for SEO that you can use on your site. In on-site SEO you need to work more on keywords that will enhance your website ranks in various search engine results. On the other hand, Off-site SEO is considered by experts as a bit more complicated process because it involves to increasing website’s search engine result listings through page ranks.

Search engines focus on page ranks also, apart from keyword matches to determine a site’s placement in result pages. Off-site optimisation is considered as more flexible by majority of experts as it offers multiple methods that can help to increase the page rank of the website, instead of filling keywords everywhere which might even get the website banned by the search engines.

The links on the Internet which points back to the website determine the value of your page rank. The links which tags a website address are known as backlinks.

Here are some amazing off-site SEO  methods that can help your website to achieve better results and a higher page rank.

  • Link Building

To increase the page rank of your business website, exchange links with other websites containing the same content. All you need to do in this method is to put someone else link in your website and place your link on their website. This method is quite popular among bloggers as it’s quite easy to exchange links with other blogging websites compared to custom made Web documents.

  • Forum Advertising

With every post you make, advertising in forum sites is an excellent way to generate a huge amount of backlinks. You may get banned for directly advertising on these online forums. To avoid such situations, you can mention your website link in the signature box at the end of a blog or article.

  • Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another popular & excellent way to generate large amount of backlinks. In this method you need to tag links on your own website which people within the community can easily view and tag. Tagging websites that is informative and interesting may prompt people tag your page as well.

To know more about role of social media in SEO, you can read our blog: Social Media is an Excellent Platform To Boost Your SEO Campaign.

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Majority of businesses are limited within a specific geographical area. If you’re one of them then it clearly implies that your business website needs a targeted local traffic to increase sales.

With the rise of Smartphone and other mobile devices, people now have the power to access internet in their hands. Now, they can search for brands, products and services offered by business from anywhere. So, it has become quite important for your business with an online presence to concentrate more on local search and local SEO Campaign. You may have wondered that how your website can excel in this field.

Here are some steps to help you optimise your website considering the local search.

  • Include details about your location in site’s content

Though you may have about this before, but you’ll be amazed to know the high number of businesses who fail to inform where they are located. Your place is one of the most important things while you’re optimising for local search and include it throughout the content. In title, heading tags, meta-descriptions in the body of content you should include information about your town, city and state.

  • Responsive design is a must

A responsive website has become a synonym with a successful local SEO Campaign. Various types of devices are now being used to access websites and view pages. So, ensure that your business website look good and compatible on all types of devices. It’s important to note here that Google also give preference to websites having responsive design.

To know more about responsive design, you can read our blog:Why Responsive Web Design Will Become a Must Have in 2015.  

  • Mobile sitemap

Get your business website indexed on Google and other search engines at it will help them to find your site’s location. Create a separate mobile sitemap, if you’re willing to boost local search results. This will help mobile users to find your content easily through search engines.

  • Contact page

If you want your website to perform well in locally, then adding email address and telephone number will not be enough. Ensure that you provide the full address of your office, so that people can locate you easily using Google maps.

  • Improve your Google Plus profile

Engaging in Google Plus can be a good strategy to boost your local traffic as Google gives value to local search than any other search engine.

  • Submit in local directories

Local and business directories are an excellent way to ensure that users can find a business website within a small niche. Provide your basic information to relevant directories and you can even add photos and videos in local directories.

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If you own a business website then it’s quite essential to have a good SEO Campaign to achieve high ranks in search engines. Here are some important points that you need to apply in your SEO campaign.

On-page SEO optimisation
  • These are some small changes related to text in order to make your website look more amiable to search engines. These are small but quite crucial changes. The users hardly notice the change made in terms of aesthetics.
  • The changes are made primarily behind the curtains in a website. Your site is modified to represent the chunks of the work done in this specific area of SEO.
  • On-page optimisation can be termed as the foundation of any SEO campaign. It’s just like the foundations of a building which can’t be seen, but are extremely important for the whole structure.  
  • Meta, Major Tags, Caching and Internal Linking are often used to describe On-page optimisation. Contact us to know more from our SEO experts.   

Google Maps Optimisation

  • Google maps are now being widely used by users to search for various businesses and services. Ensure that your brand or business is clearly visible on Google’s interactive maps that are generated in the search results, whenever a potential consumer searches for your product in a specific location.
  • What you need to understand here is that a user may not be necessarily using the specific Google Map function. You should know that in the regular organic search results maps with business listings are also generated automatically. This is another major reason that your business website should be properly optimised for Google Maps.

Business Directory Listings

  • Registration is an important part of creating new web votes/references and Google Maps optimisation. Google Maps rankings get assistance from high quality links of trusted business directories. This may also help in generating traffic directly through business directory websites.

Content Creation

  • High quality content creation is extremely essential for your business website’s rankings. All the search engines simply give preference to websites that have numerous pages filled with high quality, informative content and favours them in search results. You can write content yourself or ask the SEO team to get quality content for your website.
  • Ensure that the web pages of your website aren’t too ‘thin’, if this is the case then increase the density of content your web pages.
  • Write unique and informative blogs, articles, PRs and guest posts to generate more authentic and highly valued content.

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No matter what your market is, you’re missing out on profitable opportunities, if you aren’t indulged in any form of Social Media interaction. High amount of interest is generated by social media platforms for your brand, product or service in a highly interactive manner that increases the level of interest.

Organic growth is often achieved by social media marketing campaigns and user-power can prove to be quite helpful for your website rankings. If you do social media marketing on a regular basis, then such engagements will help you to keep your brand, products or services in front of your targeted market and in minds of consumers.

With social media marketing campaigns you’re not only increasing brand presence, awareness and integrity, but these campaigns can generate large volumes of leads and direct sales from targeted markets where you haven’t reached before.

  • An excellent move for your SEO campaign

The access to Smartphone and other mobile devices has become quite easy and cheap. Millions of people are now using these devices which have become an integral part in their life. What noticeable here is the huge amount of traffic social media websites are getting through various mobile devices.

With Smartphone, your business is live 24/7 and millions of users see your website from different locations. Due to this excessive rise in web access through mobile devices, an effective social media campaign with a combination of a good SEO campaign has become essential to achieve maximum exposure for your business. Social media access through mobile usage is growing exponentially.

  • An effective social media marketing campaign:
  • You need to create a customised social media marketing strategy which has to align properly with your targeted market, budget & time constraints and current knowledge.
  • Design customised pages for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Don’t forget to add various social media buttons in your site as these buttons helps to get more “retweets”, “+” and “Likes” for your business’ social media pages.
  • Try to generate Twitter Re-tweets and Followers, Facebook Likes and Shares, Google+ circles, YouTube views and others.
  • Ensure that a blog is installed on your website. The blog should be easily manageable and integrated with your social media pages. Any new content generated by you should automatically publish and publicise on the social media platforms.
  • Don’t forget to start a SEO campaign for your social media pages. Try to get these pages on the first page of the search engine results.
  • Provide complete social media assistance and monitoring.

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Here are a few more Do’s and Don’ts for your SEO campaign to drive more traffic for your business website.

  • Get relevant and reputable links on website’s pages

A good way to optimise your website is by getting more relevant and high quality links. But, avoid getting excess links as it may be considered as a spam by search engines.

  • Get links of similar websites

This adds credibility to your websites because it reflects that competitors consider your website valuable and that the content is related to the topic.

  • Write huge amount of content

Through article, blogs, PRs, guest posting you need to make a proper effort to provide more and more information to the users. Websites that are large in sizes appear more on the search engine results as they have more to index.

  • Create a sitemap

This helps to increase likeability with search engines as these help in finding links of your website. Though many prefer XML, but you can opt for a plain HTML or Google sitemap.

  • Ensure that keyword phrase is at the top of the HTML in and the first paragraph

High priority for your website can be achieved by placing the Keyword phrases at the top of the HTML and in the first paragraph.

  • Try to increase the font size of keywords

Search engines recognise large text and consider them as more relevant, so increase the size of keywords and keyword phrases whenever possible.

  • Format the keywords

Your keywords will simply stand out if you use <strong> and <em> tags. By doing so, you help search engines to realise that these tagged words are more important than the text around them.

  • Link images

Search engines give value to content that is linked to images. People like to click on images, so include text to the images.

  • Pages should be up-to-date

It’s advisable that you shouldn’t neglect your website and keep updating it on a regular basis. Search engine priorities to pages that are updated regularly. Ensure that the updates you’re doing are relevant and significant.

  • Avoid using images in place of text links

Search engines are mainly supposed to search for text. By following links, the spiders crawl through websites and it will be difficult for search engines to follow or rank links on images than text links.

  • Never go for a Flash-only website

Remember that the search engines only see the HTML. So, you can use Flash on your site, but also have an HTML version when Flash is enabled.

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