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Link building campaign can deliver amazing results for website’s rankings. You need to know and learn the basics of a linking campaign, before starting a campaign. Keep in mind that an SEO campaign and a link building campaign don’t deliver success instantly. Before starting a link building campaign, you should set your goals to achieve the best and desired results from the link building campaign.

You should be aware about what types of links you need, while planning a strategy for a link building campaign for SEO. Following are a few to consider:

  • Links that have the name of your brand or company 
  • Links to your homepage
  • Links that have the keywords you’re willing to target
  • Links to inner pages like product or category pages

Apart from these, combinations of the above mentioned types are also used like a branded link to an inner page. First of all, you should identify the types of links you need that can help you in SEO. This can be done by conducting a thorough analysis of the link on your website and by finding out that how your website ranks in comparison to your competitors for certain keywords.

You can conduct an analysis to check how your link profile looks like currently, by using Open Site Explorer. With the help of analysis, you will find places where improvements can be made. For example, you may find out that you have bad ranking quite badly for one of the main keywords. There might be no existing links containing that keyword and direct to your website or one of the most important inner pages might have no links directing at it.

If you are successful in identifying such issues, you can work to resolve the problems. So, in such cases, you strategy should be to concentrate on link building for inner pages that doesn’t have good ranking for target keywords or any links.

How to find your link targets?          

You should first shortlist the people you are willing to contact as you need to ensure that only those people are contacted who may take an interest in the content of your website. The response rate will surely be a lot lower if you start contacting people randomly. Eventually, this will end up by giving you and your website a bad reputation.

Before starting any link building campaign, you should have a rough idea about your targets and what will they think about what you’re doing. When you create content like an info-graphic, then be clear about the audience that you want to target. The most important thing is to know that who will be interested enough in actually linking to it.

It is quite vital to understand that you it is quite easy to find an audience for your content, but you need to make a whole new level of efforts to encourage them to actually link to it. Link building might take some time and effort, so you need to urge them enough that they don’t mind linking to your website.

You can also target the people in your city, in order to reach out the local audiences. For example, if your business is based in Armidale or Tamworth, then target people that can bring you visitors from these two places.

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Search Engine Optimisation has become quite important to achieve high rankings in search engine results page. Search engines are a heavy source of traffic for any website, therefore you can’t neglect SEO techniques that can help your site to rank well on the search results page. You have to implement a number of Off-Page SEO techniques to get the desired results.

Do you find it difficult to secure a place for a particular keyword phrase in the first page of Google search? Majority of people find getting a spot in the first page to be a gruelling task. Securing first page for a particular keyword is indeed a laborious task, but with the right guidance and patience you can achieve this target.

First Page Results    

In the internet marketing world, securing a place on the first page of Google is considered as a big achievement. It offers great reward by giving thousands of visitors to your site on a regular basis. These visitors eventually turn into buyers, boosting your business’s sales.

Hundreds of websites are constantly competing to secure a position for various keywords on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. For example, if your business is based in Armidale or Tamworth and you’re willing to target local audience, then you’ll surely find stiff competition to get high ranks for these keywords as your competitors would have already done that before.  

It is considered as one of the fiercest competitions in the online world. Enormous amount of traffic is achieved with the help of search engines, by getting top rankings. Remember, that search engines provide more than 90% of the traffic for a webpage.

Webmasters know the importance of getting their websites right on the top of the search engine results page (SERP) in a specific industry. So, in order to improve the page rankings, they simply use various SEO techniques. You need to deploy a number of effective and efficient strategies that can provide the desired results.

Following are three highly innovative Off-Page SEO techniques that will help your website in getting high page ranks on different search engines:

  • Tracking Key Metrics

Key metrics should be tracked by webmasters who wish to boost a web page rank. Key metrics such as the different links on their sites, signals coming from social media networks and the anchor text of each link should be tracked. These key metrics can be easily tracked and monitored manually by using Open Site Explorer.

Social signals emerging from links that are exchanged with various social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc, are considered quite crucial to by the new Google algorithm while ranking a webpage.

Therefore, you must emphasise on generating an extra amount of social signals from different social media websites, if you wish to get on the good books of the latest Google Penguin algorithm.

  • Competitor’s Back Link

One of the best ways to beat your competitors in search engine page rankings for a particular keyword is by doing a deep analysis of the websites that are placed on the top three positions currently for that keyword. You can conduct this analysis with the help of OpenSiteExplorer application. Once you become aware of the whole concept, deploy the same link-building strategy in your SEO campaign as well.

  • Awards and Badges

Using awards and badges is considered as one of the most profitable Off Page optimisation technique. It is done by creating a new web page of the best companies in a particular industry. Then, you have to place a badge which is directly linked to the landing page of the websites. The design of the badges should be attractive and eye-catching to improve the conversion rate of SEO techniques.

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Implementing an SEO strategy right from the start of a website can prove quite fruitful for a small business. There are chunks of SEO tips and tricks which can be used to improve the ranking of a business website on various search engine results pages. This results in getting more visitors or potential consumers.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of incorporating search engine friendly elements to improving a website’s visibility on the search engine results page. Following are a few tips that can help small business to make their presence felt in the online world.

  • Your website will not have any visitors from a search engine results page, if you haven’t started an SEO campaign. Without SEO, the search engines fail to rank and categorise the website for relevant keywords.
  • You must give preference to both on-site SEO and off-site SEO as desired results can’t be achieved by neglecting one of these two.
  • Start the SEO campaign as soon as possible because the more you neglect your competitors will move ahead and it will become difficult for you to beat them in ranking later.
  • Be aware of your competition, find out what other sites that ranks on the first page have done and keywords they are using.
  • Remember, an SEO strategy which worked for another site may not work for your site because No two websites are the same.
  • SEO campaigns don’t have to be expensive from the start. You can achieve excellent results even with a small budget by investing your time to create high quality content and link building.
  • You should also understand the fact that SEO doesn’t delivers results instantly. The work done by SEO campaigns may not come into effect quickly and might take weeks or months to show favourable results.  
  • You need to have more patience, if your website is new. You shouldn’t expect to get better ranking than older or established sites until you build trust and authority which takes time in developing.
  • Never think that work on your website is finished. Always try to improve it, if you are willing to attract more consumers by getting high ranks.
  • Try your level best to adapt with algorithm updates. Search engines keep evolving or upgrading from time to time, so in order to get high ranks keep adapting your SEO strategy.
  • There’s no need to submit a new website to search engines anymore. Almost all the search engines have evolved beyond that point.
  • Webmaster Help Videos and Webmaster Guidelines are the best sources to get direct advice from Google.
  • You should have a number of traffic sources. Google is surely an excellent traffic source for any website, but relying 100% on them can put you in a vulnerable position.
  1. Apart from SEO, you can also go for Pay Per Click (PPC) and it will be the best option if you implement both.
  • Make an effort to target local consumers. For example, if your business is based on the Gold Coast, then use appropriate keywords that help search engines to list your website right on top whenever a Gold Coast based consumer searches for products or services provided by you.

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Starting a link building campaign can provide excellent results for website’s rankings. But, before starting a campaign, you should understand the basics of a linking campaign and how it works? Always remember that a link building campaign and SEO don’t deliver success instantly. Setting goals is the most important thing you need to do before starting a link building campaign.

Before starting a link building campaign, you need to understand all the concepts related to the campaign. It is a process in which multiple attempts are made to increase the number of links to a particular website. To acquire those links, this process utilises various assets such as content, news, products and services attached to the website.

How to Structure a link building campaign          

Wide range of components are present in any link building campaign in which some are vital and other provide the remaining support to the campaign, though these might not be necessarily essential. The whole process largely depends on the assets and resources you decide to use.

Setting your goals     

Link building campaign is a type of marketing and it is recommended to set goals before starting any type of marketing campaign. You can create an excellent strategy when you are aware about your goals right from the start, increasing the chances of your success.

Ensure that your link building campaign goals are similar to your other business goals. For example, building 15 links is not a good idea, if these 15 links fail to deliver any success for your business.

Here, you might have to face a few issues. You must be aware of the fact that links are considered as a strong part of the search engine ranking algorithm. But, does this means that by having more links will help with rankings? Good rankings ultimately bring more traffic and more consumers.  These points are quite true, but a problem lies here. Sometimes, the links take a lot of time in delivering positive results to the website rankings.

It’s not possible that today you build links for a campaign and tomorrow they start showing results. In more competitive industries, the results might be much slower than you imagine.  

Even if a link building campaign hits certain goals, it is difficult to show that the campaign is a success. Thus, posing a problem for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the main reason, that you should always build more realistic goals. The linking campaign goals should be parallel or compatible with your organizational goals, to achieve success for your business.

For example, if your business is based on the Gold Coast and you wish to increase the search traffic in an organic way to get more sales. Then, you need to understand the fact that SEO and link building campaigns do not achieve success overnight or instantly.

Therefore, it will prove more intelligent approach, if you set long term goals or gains, instead of expecting overnight success or quick-wins.

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Link Building is an effective technique which is widely used in Search Engine Optimisation. A number of people don’t have accurate information about different types of link building campaigns. As a beginner, you must first understand what link building is. Once you figure it out, then decide the type of link building campaign you wish to take on.

Link building in SEO has changed significantly over the past few years.  Google easily identifies and penalise the tactics which were considered quite effective before. Still in search marketing, earning or building links remains plays an important role in achieving success. In a number of surveys, linking showed quite a strong relation with high rankings.

This is why it has become quite important for the marketing companies to focus more on earning links. Followings tips can help you in building effective campaigns.

Why Link Building is Important?          

If you are a beginner, then you need to understand the whole concept right from the start. First of all, clear all the doubts and get your facts clear about link building. The nature of SEO and link building is constantly changing. Nowadays, it has become more important to build high quality links than ever before. If you want to stay in competition and thrive in the virtual world, then you need to implement quality campaigns.

Types of Links          

As mentioned before, quality has become a priority for Google as it penalises the websites that have built spammy or low quality links.

  • Editorial or Natural Links         

These are considered to the best links for SEO. You don’t ask for these links as these are provided editorially by owners of other websites. It is a far much better option than contacting others asking them to connect with you.

However, you have to give a good reason to others in order to achieve this goal, make more bloggers aware about your goals. One thing you can do is posting high quality content that can eventually attract more and more bloggers. Though this process may sound a bit time consuming, but these links are valued very highly.

  • Manual or Outreach Link Building          

This is one of the most common types of SEO link building campaigns performed in SEO. It is a good option for small or those who have just started their business. You need to contact bloggers and other website owners manually, asking them to link to your website. Here also, you need to provide them with a relevant reason that why they should link to you.

Try to find local bloggers also, like if your business is based in Sydney, then contact with bloggers that target Sydney audience. This will help you in reaching out to the local consumers more efficiently.

  • Non-editorial or Self-created links           

These links come under Black Hat SEO practices, therefore it is not preferred by most websites. These links are an attempt to lure the search engines towards a piece of content which holds no relevance, but made to look so. After the launch of Penguin and with regular updates, Google penalise and devalue websites that are indulged in using this type link building campaign.

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There are many SEO tips and tricks that you can use to give your website the boost for the remaining days of the year 2014. These tips are quite easy and you can do basic Search Engine Optimisation by yourself, but if you are looking forward to stay a step ahead than your competitors, then hire a professional SEO expert. If your business is based on the Gold Coast, then hire an SEO company that can help you to target the local consumers of your products and services.

SEO in 2014 is a bit complex for Search Engine Optimisation beginners, so they need to understand and follow some of the Best SEO tips and Tricks that can help in boosting their website rank in various search engines. Following are some SEO tips that will surely help you in improving your website rank in search engine results.

If your website is made on Wordpress, then it is highly recommended to use various Wordpress SEO Plugins.


Tips for Keyword Analysis       


  • Choose the right key phrases: Instead of selecting a single keyword, choosing key phrases are a much better option to get high ranking. So opt for multiple key phrases as they perform better compared to single keywords.
  • Keyword with high search volume, but less competitive: This is quite important in SEO because finding a keyword that  is less competitive, but searched high on various search engines can ultimately give you a high volume of visitors. You’ll find it difficult to get high ranks with keywords that have more competition. So, the trick is to find keywords with less competition.
  • Google Keyword Planner: A free SEO tool provided by Google that helps in finding out the relative keyword ideas and keywords search volume. Currently, Google is the number one search engine in the world, making this tool more useful than any other keyword analysis tool. 


Few SEO tips to help in improving On-Page optimisation           

  • High quality content: never copy/paste content from other websites as it won’t bring you any traffic. Google and other search engines can easily find the copied or duplicated content. Try to avoid Black Hat SEO techniques and keyword stuffing.
  • Post informative and descriptive articles: people don’t like to read boring articles, so to keep their interest try to write more descriptive and informative content that clear their doubts about any specific topic.
  • Keep the title short and simple: Title of the articles and blogs on your website should be relevant, having keywords and keyphrases in it. To make it extra large and don’t exceed more the 70 characters. You can also place your keyword in the title. For example, if your business is based on the Gold Coast and you wish to target local consumers, then ensure that you mention the Gold Coast in the title.
  • Keyword density ratio should be optimal: to avoid getting Google Algorithm Penalties, try to maintain the density of the keywords.
  • Meta description should be relative: try to write an informative 156 character description that gives a short synopsis of your articles and blogs. This helps the readers to understand what your article is all about in the Search Engines Results Page.
  • Place your keyword in the first paragraph: by using the keyword in the first paragraph, you can help to explain the search engine that the content of the article justifies the title.

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Want to place your website right on the top of search engine results? All you need to do is to follow a few tips to achieve your goals. There are many basic and easy tricks that you can follow to increase your websites rank on search engine results. For best result, you can hire an SEO expert.

To make your web pages rank higher in various search engines, you can follow many SEO tips. The following list of tips looks beyond meta tags and basic SEO, so have a look to know more about tips to follow.  


SEO tips

  • Write high quality content: Excellent quality content is the thing to start with. You may use all types of keywords, but if the content is not good and unreadable, then the audience will not stick around on the website. The search engines will also give preference to your website.
  • Content must be unique: Uniqueness or originality of the content is quite vital. Ensure that you are providing content which is not similar to the content of other websites or pages, especially on your competitor’s website.
  • Keep updating your website with new content: websites that post new content regularly are considered as more reliable websites than the ones that rarely do so. This also results in increasing the amount of content on your website, which ultimately increase the website’s rankings.
  • An excellent keyword phrase: Finding the right keyword phrase is one of the first things that you should do while working on SEO. Do not try to optimise the whole website by using one keyword phrase only. You should focus more on writing web pages for different keywords or phrases.
  • Don’t go for a phrase that is too popular: While shortlisting a keyword phrase, don’t choose the one which is extremely popular. You may find this tip a bit counter-intuitive, but in reality the highly popular keywords are quite desirable and extremely competitive. Try optimising with keywords that you think you can rank higher.

When your website is on the first or second page of a search engine, then you are bound to get more number of pageviews even from a less popular keyword. On the other hand, an extremely popular keyword, your website will only be able to make on the fiftieth page or above on search engine results. If your business is based in Sydney, Brisbane or any other Australian city, then use the name of the city as a keyword to target the local consumers.

  • Have an accessible website: Accessible HTML is within the reach of both search engines and visitors as well. If the web pages are more accessible, the search engines will read and rank the pages easily.  
  • Use the keyword phrase in the title tag: One of the most important tags on a web page is the title tag. To get your preferred keyword phrase into the search engine, place it in the very beginning of the title tag. On an addition, this results in placement of the keyword phrase as a link in various search engine indexes.
  • Register a domain name that has your keyword phrase: An excellent way to optimise your desired keyword phrase is by using it in your domain name.

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A logo is the identity of a company and it provides uniqueness to a particular business. With the help of graphic designing, you can simply edit your current logo or even choose for a completely new one. By following certain tips, you can easily get a unique identity for your business and can stand a step ahead from your competitors.

A company’s logo is the face of the products and services provided by them. The existing and potential buyers often connect to the brand logo of a company. It’s time to redesign your company’s logo, if you don’t find it attractive enough and it’s not exactly what you wish for.

You can use the following graphic design tips to provide a brand new look to the logo and you can also save time by using these tips:

  • Cut/Strip it down       

There’s a current trend going on in graphic designing, known as minimalism. Use can use it as an advantage and chop down your logo to the basics, yet attractive. These are not only amazingly look good, but even works effectively. If you are still confused about following this tip, then try to keep in your mind that the simpler a design is, the easier it becomes for the consumers to recognise it.

If the present logo of your company is a bit congested, try to tone it down a little. Nowadays, many companies in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide are following this current trend.

  • Change the font        

You may have heard the saying that “Change Is Inevitable”, the same theory goes in the world of graphic design. If you like your current logo, still wants to make few changes without destroying the basic design of it. In such a case, simply changing the font of the logo is quite a subtle way of doing this.

Most of the logos are generally created by keeping the older audience in mind, but if you want to target the younger consumers, then try all the new fonts that suit your business’s image.

  • Choose a simple design            

Don’t get it confused with the first tip. This is about switching to a completely new graphic design. If your current logo is already popular, then keep using it until you come up with something unique and extravagant. A new logo also reflects that your business is changing with modern times.

  • Consider changing the colours            

People connect with different colours in different ways as each reflects certain feelings, emotions or even objects. For example, green is often seen as natural, red as feisty or energetic, and as being welcoming. Changing the colour used in your company’s logo can prove to be a drastic and a subtle change, but this is exactly what you want to generate a huge success. A brand new logo will also help you to stand out the crowd by creating a whole new identity for your business.

It is quite important for you to remember that redesigning your business logo is a very timely thing. When you are sure about changing the logo, follow the above mentioned graphic design tips to get the best desired results and getting more consumers with its new unique look.

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It’s said that a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts can wear different types of “hats”. The methods and philosophy of SEO that are used to optimise websites usually determine the colour of a hat. There are two types of SEO hats:

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

It’s quite important for you to understand the difference and the risks involved with these SEO hats. 

White Hat SEO      


  • This type of SEO focuses more on building quality content first. It is used to accomplish totally different types of goals, though it may also use automation and technology to build the websites. In White Hat SEO, content is written for people and for search engines. Instead of relying on automated programs, its focus is more on content and various marketing skills to achieve top rankings.
  • White Hat SEO experts understand that it takes time to achieve good search engine rankings and there’s simply no need to rush for quick results. Since quality and original content is considered valuable, this type of SEO gets more inbound links from other websites. You may have heard that ‘CONTENT IS KING’, so White Hat SEO is all about it.

By using White hat SEO techniques or tactics, your website’s visitors are more likely to convert into consumers, and there’s simply no risk of getting banned by the search engines.

Black Hat SEO         


  • It is also known as SEO spamming and its main intention is to trick the search engines to deliver low-quality and irrelevant search results, for a website that has little or no value.
  • It uses technology and automation to create many low-quality websites and also to get inbound links from other websites which we call as link spam. The goal of the Black Hat SEO is to lure the visitors to the website and redirecting them to the sales page of their products.
  • It’s all about getting quick results. Though these techniques may help your website to get to the top of the search engine results quite fast, but ultimately when the search engine becomes aware about this con, your website will crash or may even get banned. 

What type of SEO Hat you want to wear is simply determined by the goals and objectives you have. One should always choose for White hat SEO, focusing more on writing high quality content. It is advisable that you should not take big risks with your most valuable websites. For such valuable websites, a safe and long term SEO strategy should be implemented.

We have clients in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide in fact, all over Australia and New Zealand, but we never recommend them to use Black Hat SEO techniques. These can prove to be extremely damaging and dangerous for a website in which you have invested your resources.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process which increases the quality and volume of traffic to a website from various search engines via search results. More people will visit a website, if its rank is higher on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

SEO experts find what people search for and how search algorithms work, this is used as a marketing strategy which helps to increase the relevance of the site. The SEO process includes site presentation, coding and structure, copywriting and content, al fixation of problems or issues that can prevent search engines from indexing a particular website.

There will be simply no chance left for your business website to get a higher visibility ranks on search engines, if it is not indexed by search engines. This makes it quite important for companies or businesses, to take SEO seriously and ensure that the websites are indexed by search engines properly.

The benefits offered by SEO to Businesses:

SEO provides benefits to businesses in numerous ways, such as getting sales leads, increasing brand awareness or increasing sales revenue. Following are a few benefits that businesses can receive from the SEO:

  • Targeted traffic can be achieved more as SEO will increase the visitor numbers who are actually looking forward to purchase the products and services offered by you.
  • SEO helps in increase brand awareness and can provide your company an international profile. Using SEO brand awareness for new products and services can be easily created by optimizing related key phrases to get high ranks on search engines.
  • With SEO, you can do marketing for your brand 24x7. Your business website will get amazing non-stop exposure for2 4 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • It results in higher sales, by bringing in targeted traffic, ultimately increasing the sales of your products and services.
  • It also provides positioning for a long term. After the website is fully optimized and designed, there will be a consistent flow of rankings on organic listings.
  • More value for your money. Once your business’s website achieves  high organic rankings for different key phrases, there will be simply no need to pay anymore or for each visit. On the other hand, in PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising you are required to pay for each and every click or visit to your website, to get high ranking visibility on search engines.

Apart from SEO, a successful online marketing campaign also consists of paid advertising on search engines, building high quality responsive websites, setting up analytics programs etc.

To have a successful SEO implementation, you need to ensure that the firm you hire to manage your SEO work abides to the guidelines of various search engines, while doing their work. We offer SEO services, web design, web development etc. for Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and many other Australian cities as well.

We are based on the Gold Coast

Our clients are all over Australia and New Zealand