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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing tactic that helps your website get found by prospective customers and clients who might be looking for you on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. SEO works by optimizing a variety of factors like keywords, page metadata, and links to improve a websites rank so it shows up in the first few search engine results.

Because search engines use complicated algorithms that they change frequently to determine where a website ranks in search results, it is advantageous to hire an SEO expert. The first place you might go to find an SEO expert is a search engine, however, with over 13 million search results, the question becomes “How do I choose the best SEO expert for my company’s needs?”

There are three main criteria for selecting an SEO Expert:

First: the SEO expert should demonstrate an understanding of the changing nature of search engine ranking factors. Search engine companies are constantly changing and improving their algorithms to provide searchers with the most relevant search results. The SEO expert should understand these changes and trends and be able to adjust their strategies to meet the new criteria for ranking.

Second: An SEO expert should have a variety of tools and strategies they are using. Too many SEO experts are able to rank a site and then the search engines changes their algorithm and all their hard work is gone. However, by using a variety of tools and strategies the true expert is able to keep a site ranked regardless of how search criteria for ranking may change.

Finally: An SEO expert should use and truly understand website analytics. The website analytic data is almost more important than where a website ranks in search engines. This data can show whether or not a website is engaging prospective customers with the information they are looking for. The SEO expert should be using this data to tweak existing content and create new content that truly resonates with visitors who visit the site via search engines.

SEO is an ever changing field, but finding an SEO Expert who understand those changes, uses a variety of tools and strategies to stay ahead of those changes, and understand how to used website analytics to help content resonate with visitors will help you see a results from your SEO marketing.

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An attractive graphic design of website is an excellent way to attract visitors towards a business. You can sell your products and services in a better way to the customers, if you know how to get their attention. High quality graphics of a website can help you to turn viewers of your website into real consumers.

The art of arrangement of text and images in a proper way that it effectively conveys a message to the people is known as graphic design. Expert graphic designers can improve the image of your company’s services and products with the help of different types of media such as web site design, newsletter design, flyers, direct mail, business cards, annual reports, brochure design and letterheads.

A graphic design agency can help you with various types of designs and can provide valuable suggestions on how to ensure the development of your brand. Graphics designing is an essential requirement that attracts the visitors of your website. The whole concept is based on the phenomenon that people are more interested in things that are more pleasant visually.

Capturing the interest of the viewers

The first things that draws the attention of the viewers, is the aesthetic design of your website. A user who might just have scrolled down your website can stop for a while and go through the content, if the website has good presentation. The interest generated for this short period of time will provide a big advantage to your company compared to your competitor’s website that does not make much effort to enhance the graphics.

Your Product is presented in a better way

It will be easier to make a better presentation of the products once the attention of the viewer is gained already. While selling an item, ensure the appropriate designs are used, so that the item stays on the website for a considerable time period and until you finish showing the viewer what they are looking for.

You should present your product as one of the best available in the market and with the help of a visually attractive website the target can be easily achieved. Make your target audience believe that the product was uniquely made by keeping their needs in mind as a result they will place orders soon.

Ensure that you provide complete details about the products and services you are offering on your website. The customers will be ready to make transactions because of the amazing graphic designing technology used on the website of your company.

Your clients will be impressed

With the best graphics designing, there will be simply no issue to deal with the requirements of the clients as you will surely do it. With the help of the latest technology, you also stay alert towards the requests of the customers. They will be able to see the videos, music or any other similar content which will be effectively placed all on your company’s website.

The font size of the content should be about the perfect size. This will enable you to convey the message in the best possible way to the viewers, explaining the products and services in detail. Perfect graphic designing with attractive background will help the viewer to understand your products in a better manner.

An excellent graphic designing strategy made in a proper way will surely prove best for your company’s business, only if you are aware of how to take advantage of it. It is advisable that you should hire a website designing company to get the desired results.

If you looking for a company that offers services for graphic design, Gold Coast is the place where you will easily find a renowned web design company.

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Do you have a business that needs new business to stay in business? It seems like a straight forward question but it isn't. What do we mean by that?

Well, are you a business that has return client business that you generate your income from or do you need to find new business constantly to stay afloat?

See, there is a massive difference because if you are the former your key focus is more likely around branding and reputation rather than direct sales and if you are the latter, although branding and reputation are important to you, you quite simply need new business.

At Straight Up Marketing, we are a business that needs new business. We aren't ashamed in any way to admit that, quite the contrary, we are proud of it. It's what helps us keep the edge and allows us to constantly be at the coalface with a real understanding of what it means to get a return from our marketing spend.

The reason we highlight the above is that there are differences in the life cycle of a business. Some are brand new and need all the help that they can get and others have existing client bases with return revenue coming from them. The real question is, what type of business are you?

If you are a business that is looking for more business then that's where we specialise. See, Straight Up Marketing is all about results based marketing.

Let me ask you this question, would you spend $30,000 on your business for marketing with no real measure on it's return? I would hope that most shrewd business owners would say 'No Way!' let 1000s  of business actually do year in year out. Let's look at the mediums out there. Paper, Radio, Yellow Pages, SEO, AdWords, the list goes on. How do you actually measure their success? Do you keep a log of all calls into the business? What about if you forget, or your receptionist forgets?

You see a great number of business fail in this regard to record how successful (or onot in most cases) their advertising/marketing was and what return they got from it. To their defence, many advertising mediums in the offline world don't offer that level of granularity. Some offer a level but it certainly isn't enough for you, the client to make an informed decision one way or the other.

At Straight Up Marketing, everything we do is measured. You as the client know what you are spending and we provide a clear indication of what that is returning back to you.

Is your current advertising/marketing company doing the same? Is it really?

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Do you have a responsive website? What do we mean by this?

Does your site automatically adjust for iPAD/iPHONE/Samsung Galaxy etc? What does it look like on a large screen versus your laptop screen?

Why is this important?

Recent statistical data from Google suggest that up to 40% of searches are now done ON a mobile device, usually as a result of a click through from social media like Facebook and viewed directly on the device without even looking at a desktop of laptop. What does your site look like on a mobile?

If your site does look pretty ordinary, don't panic. We can help.

From $299, Straight Up Marketing can take your site and make it responsive so that it is more functional on a mobile or iPad. The cost just depends on how much back end work is involved but don't worry, we will definitely tell you up front.

Not sure if your site is responsive yet? Let us know and we will check for you. Just fill out the form to your right or give us a call on 1300 302 633 today.

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Welcome everyone to our new and improved website.

The launch of this website not only marks an updated look and feel but it also marks a re-brand for us as a company.

From today, Straight Up SEO will now trade as Straight Up Marketing to be more inline with our increased service offering encompassing Web Design, SEO, Graphic Design, Marketing Brochures, Business Cards and Signage.

It has been an amazing time over the last 6 to 8 weeks getting our brand inline with our new offering while keeping our core brand values around being 'Straight Up', 'Transparent' and 'Results Focused'.

Watch this space over the coming days & weeks for regular updates and specials. We aim to bring you the latest information as not forgetting to have a bit of fun along the way.

Thank you to all of our existing customers that have supported us so far, we look forward to working with you and help to build further on our successes.

Chris Bindley Managing Director

We are based on the Gold Coast

Our clients are all over Australia and New Zealand